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6 Single-Colour Rooms Done Right

When it comes to decorating a room, most of us avoid single-colour schemes like the plague, and for good reason – it’s an approach that’s very easy to get wrong. Having said that, though, if done right a single-colour room can look truly spectacular, as these examples show.



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One way to add more visual interest to a single-colour room is to include a variety of shades of that colour. Using one shade of one colour in an entire room can make it appear rather flat, whereas mixing darker to lighter shades, as with the pinks in the example above, will give a space that extra dimension.



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And there are plenty of other ways to create a more engaging one-colour space. Blues have been introduced into this room in a range of ways – from the art, to the patterned wallpaper and carpet, to the accessories and textiles.


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An all-green interior, like many of the other one-colour interiors on this list, can range from the brightest to darkest iterations. For this reason, you need to consider which shade of a particular colour is going to work best, because not all of them will do a single-colour room justice.


grey interior

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An all-grey interior doesn’t have to look gloomy and bland. Employ the shading technique seen in the pink interior or, as in the example above, work a variety of textures in for a hip, masculine space.


SOMMERLYSET - elisabeth heier:

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White is one of the easiest colours to pull off in a one-tone room, although it can look rather stark and clinical. To avoid this, make sure to include personal and homely touches in the space in the form of soft textiles, art, and flowers or plants.


Fotógrafo: Pablo Zamora: Architectural Digest Sep 2012:

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From the walls to the floor, this is a strong single-colour interior. Yet it doesn’t feel that way thanks to the various secondary decor – the rug, the chair, and other accessories – that fill the room.

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