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Regular or Corner Sofa?

In recent years corner sofas have really grown in popularity, with more and more people choosing them over regular sofas. But why might you choose to buy a corner sofa over a regular sofa? What advantages does one have over the other?

Because a corner sofa forms a right angle with different sections of the sofa, this allows it to fit comfortably into the corner of a room. Many types of corner sofas have adjustable sections (modular sofas) that allow the owner to create different sofa lengths on each side of the corner – your sofa could be just one section long on one side and three sections long on the other side. This allows the owner to adjust the sofa to best suit the room and the space available.

A corner sofa is the best way to accommodate all the family without anyone getting squished. You can pile everyone on to a corner sofa – mum, dad, the kids, your grandparents, the dog, your next-door neighbour, or you can just enjoy plenty of stretch-out room for yourself – and they offer more flexibility than the regular sofa and love seat combination that most families have.

However, a corner sofa is not ideal for every situation. There are many homes where a regular sofa is a better purchasing choice. When deciding to buy a sofa, you must remember that it is a long-term commitment. A sofa is a serious investment of money and time – even if you dislike it, you’re probably going to have it in your home for many years to come. When choosing a sofa, you should give careful thought and consideration to the style/tone of the room where you intend to place it.

The style of your sofa, whether it’s a corner or a regular sofa, should be chosen with the rest of the room in mind. If you are creating a formal room, such as a reception room or adding a sofa to your dining room, a regular sofa will better suit the atmosphere. And then there’s the size and shape of a space. Most corner sofas have one side longer than the other, so can only be in a certain position in a room. If you like rearranging your furniture regularly, or your living room is on the small side, a corner sofa is not going to work in your home. It’s just going to clutter up the room and crowd the space. In this scenario a regular sofa is a better bet.

You should always consider why you are buying a sofa and what purpose it is going to have in your life. If you’ve got a large family whose bottoms all demand a seat, a corner sofa will suit your lifestyle. If you wish to create a more intimate atmosphere, a regular sofa will suit best. Remember that a sofa is for life – not just for an especially large family Christmas – and you should plan accordingly.

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