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Keep the lights on

From flooring to wall coverings, picture frames to furniture, interiors get a lot of consideration. But there’s one element that’s easily overlooked. Lights.

And it’s a feature that can massively affect the mood. (There’s a reason it’s candles not strip fluro lighting in those romantic Italian restaurants, you know!)

Now the nights are getting darker, and cosying up with the curtains drawn is oh so appealing. Making it the perfect time to think more about lighting.

Luckily, there are a lot of ideas out there to help you. So we’ve pulled together a few of the latest trends – then taken a look at how they can work around your home.

Bright ideas for the kitchen



Industrial is here to stay, but it’s taking some welcome refinement. The right lighting will reflect from the metallic surfaces and show off those gorgeous imperfections that unfinished textures bring.

Pendant lights work well over a large table. We like an assortment of shapes to add an authentically irregular effect.


Wood and steel light pendant – WestNinthVintage – Esty 

We’re in love with the natural wood and bare bulbs of this piece too. Feature lighting at its eye-catching best.

Bathroom beauties

How you use your bathroom should influence how you light it. Is it the space you use to get ready in the morning? If so, you might want more natural light and well-lit mirrors. (You can even get motion-sensor lights that will come on as you stumble into the bathroom on a morning!)


Source: John Cullen Lighting

Or if your bathroom’s your space to unwind and relax, consider uplighters and strip lighting around the bath.

Hanging in the hallway

Geometric shapes are on trend too. Hallways want to be well lit. So try a shape with plenty of panels of glass to let the light happily bounce around.


Connie Pendant Light – Pooky

Natural light for the living room

Natural and organic are becoming big in lighting. You can bring it into your home by using wood and natural textures, or introducing organic shapes.

Arturo Alvarez Ballet Cluster Pendant Lights – 2Modern


Source: Chantelle Lighting

We love how these guys contrast nature with the grandness of a chandelier here. (And they make everything in the UK too.)

Sparkling bedrooms

A mix of ceiling, wall lights and bedside lamps let you set the mood for different times of day (and night). Remember to pick the right bulbs to give your room a warm glow. There are so many different types to choose from now you can set just the right brightness and tone for you.



Consider lighting shelves for a beautiful soft effect. It’s not as tricky as it looks with so many LED lighting options now available.


Source: John Cullen Lighting

Starlit ceilings always look amazing. (Never mind the kids, we secretly want it in our bedroom.)

Lighter nights

And it’s not just in the house that lighting can help. Garden lights can make the outside of your home more welcoming as the nights get darker. Low-wattage or solar-charged lights are more eco-friendly. Choose ones on spikes and you can move them around to highlight different areas (when plants are looking their best!)


White Extendable Festoon Lights – Cox and Cox



And of course, you can always DIY your own.

We hope we’ve helped you to look at lights in a different, well, light! Have a think about how it can change the mood in your home and make sure lighting is part of your next interior plan.

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