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A Guide to Houseplants – Get Your Greens!

Plants are good for you. Fact. And we don’t mean just eating them! Because as well as looking all lovely, having plants around the place has been proven to reduce stress, control humidity, and improve air quality. Yay, plants!

Best of all, you don’t have to be a green-fingered horticulturist to enjoy their botanical benefits. You just have to choose the right houseplants for you. So we’ve put together a quick guide of 10 of our faves to get you started.

Peace Lily


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We’re told this gorgeous plant with its pretty flowers is super easy to look after. It doesn’t need much light, so it’s great for rooms with few windows. And you only water it when it needs it. We feel more relaxed already…

Cheese Plant

ok 7

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For the full-on rainforest look you can’t beat these big heart-shaped leaves, complete with cuts and holes to let the rain run through. Unsurprisingly, they like a bright, warm room. But buyers be aware – this plant does not actually produce cheese.




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 Yep, this is the fab stuff you enjoy in beauty products and health drinks. And you can even harvest your own from one of these! Super easy to look after, it’s also one of NASA’s top air-improving plants, giving out oxygen at night. So pop a pot in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.


English Ivy                           


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 We do have a soft spot for variegated leaves (the two-tone ones). The free-hanging trails of this ivy give fireplaces and shelves a relaxed, easy going look. But English Ivy is poisonous. So it’s one to avoid if you have cats, dogs or curious toddlers.


Lucky Bamboo

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 14.03.45

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We love the spirals and shapes you can create with this hardy plant. (These are achieved turning the plant, as it ‘leans’ toward the light.) And the name? Well, bamboo is said to bring good luck – especially when given as a gift. So quick, stick it on your birthday list.


Spider Plant


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Quick-growing, easy to care for, and made of hardy stuff too. The spider plant’s not fussy about much so you can keep it almost anywhere you fancy, from draughty hallways to humid bathrooms. Pot it, hang it… or perhaps pop it in a tea cup.

Snake Plant


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Sticking with the creepy creatures theme, the Snake Plant is another botanical beauty that grows well in all kinds of light and conditions. It does prefer dry air though, so it’s not one for the bathroom. Its striking vertical leaves make it a great way to create height in a room.





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Also known as ‘the cast iron plant’ because it’s so hard to kill! Native to Japan and China, it was often seen in Victorian hallways (though you can keep it just about anywhere). Pet-friendly, some of these plants have been rumoured to live to 50 years old. And its sturdy leaves are often used to create eye-catching patterns in floral arrangements (if you’re feeling brave!)




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Pretty as a picture in all shades of green, pink and purple. Pet-friendly and easy to care for too. What interesting way will you find to plant yours…?


Faux Plants

Of course, there is an even easier way to have brilliant, bug-free, plants without getting your fingers dirty – fake it! Artificial doesn’t have to feel (or be!) cheap. And if all else fails, there’s some stunning botany-inspired art about too.

1593376-bamboo-w-sq-f  original_artificial-pussy-willow-stem 

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