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Go bold with geometrics

Geometric patterns have been an interior staple for a while, however this trend has recently taken a new shape. Hexagonal, to be exact!

Hexagons have been a key shape throughout history. Having traditional connotations of symmetry and beauty, they gained popularity in the context of decoration in 17th and 18th century Europe. The hexagon’s natural appearance in everything from honeycomb to crystals has earned this little design the big title of ‘nature’s perfect shape’.

A thoroughly versatile trend, hexagons can be used in everything from tiles and shelving, to throws and soft textiles. The clean lines of geometric and hexagonal patterns create a bold, modern setting.

Achieve an impactful, but easy to implement look by investing in a large patterned rug that creates a trend-led focal point for your living space or bedroom.

We’ve done just that with our Lady May sofa, accentuating the vibrant Grass Dusky Velvet with a geometric rug made from eye-catching, complementary colours.

Lady May

Sofa Workshop: Lady May

Turning our attention back to hexagons, this little shape has been appearing on the walls and floors of British homes up and down the country. Hexagonal tiles have become a key design feature for the bathroom and kitchen, with more and more people ditching the standard square tile in favour of its six-sided counterpart.


SOURCE: Pinterest

Don’t be scared to use this modern shape in a traditional home! Creating a feature floor with geometric tiles in a hallway or bathroom is the perfect way to mix contemporary and classic, without completely modifying your home.


SOURCE: Pinterest

Mirrors in hallways, coasters on tables and stools in the kitchen – the geometric trend is jumping out from the walls and finding its place all around the home. We love how these hexagonal stools really add some fun into the kitchen!

hexagon stool

SOURCE: Pinterest


SOURCE: Pinterest

We’ve styled our Broadwick sofa with a geometric cushion, applying this modern trend to a classically contemporary style.


Are you looking for some inspiration on how you can incorporate this look into your home? We’ve got heaps of ideas all in one handy Pinterest board.

Let us know your thoughts on this modern trend, tweet us @SofaWorkshop.

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