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6 Essentials For Giving Your Home That Christmas Feel

A festive holiday atmosphere doesn’t just arrive with the beginning of December, it takes time and effort to create that Christmas feel in your home. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together some essentials for giving your home a truly Christmas vibe. And once that’s done you should still have enough time left over to put your feet up and really enjoy the season!

1. Create Christmas Scents

christmas scents

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Smells can have a powerful effect on your mood and memory. A good old punch of Christmassy scents to your sinuses can take you right back to the best Christmases of your past. Use diffusers, candles, and incense with appropriate aromas, or make your own by adding cinnamon sticks, pine needles, mandarin oranges, and cloves into a pan of water and allow to simmer, making your entire home smell delicious.

2. Use Plenty of Christmas Colours

christmas // table decor and diy bulb chandelier idea // Suzanne Kasler's holiday collection for Ballard Designs:

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To really keep with the Christmas spirit, don’t be afraid to use those colours associated with the festive season. Use the traditional red, green, and gold, but also purple, silver, and white in your holiday décor, table settings, accessories, even your home décor where possible. Add these Christmassy colours throughout your home or just focus on one or two – metallic themed décor with gold and silver, or a classic Christmas combination of green and red, for example.

3. Don’t Just Decorate the Tree


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Decorations are not just for trees. Grab that box of unused decorations and hang them from beams, arches, recessed windows, and alcoves. Put wreathes on all your doors and walls, add tinsel, or pine garlands if you prefer, to your bannisters and mantelpieces, and gather collections of decorations into huge glass jars or shallow bowls to make eye-catching statement pieces on tables. Let your imagination run wild, and make your whole house into a winter wonderland – you’ll probably find something new to decorate every day!

4. Make A Centrepiece Showstopper


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You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time sat around the table eating a large amount of food throughout the whole of December, so you should have something amazing to look at in the centre! It’s surprisingly easy to create an attractive table centrepiece, and it will undoubtedly have your friends and family raving about your artistic achievements! Get inspired and creative by checking out these homemade examples on Pinterest.

5. Buy Everyone a Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumper

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They might be as ugly as sin and the epitome of everything that’s not cool in a jumper, but since when has Christmas been about good taste in fashion? Buy your family a selection of Christmas jumpers – as garish or as understated as you like – and make them wear them for the entirety of Christmas – they’ll thank you for it. It’s bound to have everyone feeling as festive as possible.

6. Get All Comfy Cosy

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It’s Christmas – you shouldn’t have to do anything other than watch a lot of TV, eat a lot of chocolate, and hang out with the people you love. Spend quality time with friends and family in a room you’ve made warm, cosy, and inviting. Get in plenty of cushions, pillows, blankets, and throws, turn up the heating, and snuggle down. If you’re making up the spare room for guests this holiday season, be sure to make it festive and welcoming also.

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