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Dazzling Decor: Brighten Up Your Home With Jewel Tones

Does the thought of neutral decor fill you with dread? Do you love colourful interiors but are afraid of going overboard with your colour scheme? Well, one of the simplest ways of adding colour to a space without it appearing too heavy-handed is to incorporate jewel tones. Whether you choose to saturate a room in particular tone or just introduce it to a space with an accent piece, these shades are suited to practically any design style, and will imbue your home with a real sense of elegance.

Emerald Tones

Emerald green offers the best of both worlds. With its lush quality, not only does it conjure up images of the natural world, but it’s also an ideal choice for bringing a feeling of luxury as well as tranquility to a space. The richness of the colour makes it suitable to be paired with darker hues, although it’s also rather effective when matched with yellow shades. And, whilst they say blue and green should never be seen, it can look very fetching alongside the blue jewel tone sapphire.

Emerald green living room

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Ruby Tones

Dark reds can completely change the look and feel of a space, even if they’re only introduced in small quantities. Ruby red is a sumptuous colour, full of drama and passion, and definitely not for the fainthearted. Being a colour of emotion – perhaps more than any other shade – it will bring excitement and vitality to a room. It works best as an accent colour, but by all means, if you’re brave enough put it on your walls. Just remember to contrast it with a neutral shade so as to not ‘close-in’ the space.

Red bathroom

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Sapphire Tones

Most shades of blue are calming, but sapphire blue has the added benefit of also being able to bring an air of sophistication to a room, as do all of the jewel tones. It’s perhaps the most versatile of all the colours on this list, and, as previously mentioned, goes surprisingly well with the jewel tone emerald. However, it’s particularly at home alongside purple shades, which brings us nicely to our next jewel tone – amethyst.

Sapphire blue living room

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Amethyst Tones

Purple is a tricky colour to pull off, and has traditionally been restricted to use in the bedroom, but not considering it for other rooms in the home is a mistake. Rich, deep purples, much like amethyst, are associated with royalty and can give any space an exquisitely elegant feel. The colour looks wonderful on richly texture wallpaper, satin curtains, cushions, and plush velvet sofas. It’s a colour to luxuriate in, so don’t be stingy when applying it to your home – make it a feature.

Amethyst sofa

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Citrine Tones

The yellow-gold appearance of citrine makes for an inspiring choice when it comes to home decor. Yellow is a bright, vibrant, and stimulating colour, and this puts many people off using it in their home because they fear it will overpower the space. Citrine is the perfect solution to this problem – it has all the advantages of a strong yellow without any of the drawbacks. The use of yellow is often used sparingly, and for good reason, whereas citrine can comfortably be the defining colour of a space.

Citrine yellow room

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Mix and Match Jewel Tones

If you’re convinced by the merits of jewel tones but can’t decide which is the right one for you and your home, then don’t settle for just one – pick as many as you like! Layering a space with various jewel tones is sure to result in a truly sumptuous space that you’ll feel like a king or queen in!

Jewel tones

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