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Colour yourself happy this summer

Millennial pink, la-la land yellow, greenery – whichever your favourite colour of 2017 has been so far, they all possess meanings and powers that we can draw upon for wellness benefits.

Stay with us… much as THAT Zara coat in millennial pink may have boosted your mood when you purchased it, colours do have a genuine psychological and emotional impact upon us. Colour psychology has been around for a while, but this summer, the trend for connecting colours with our emotions has intensified.

From arts and culture to fitness, there’s a colour for every mood, and a mood for every colour…

Artists such as Ann Veronica Janssen and Pamela Rosenkranz have used experiential colour in their art installations – using sensory elements to capture the mood behind the colour.

Source: WGSN

Colour is also influencing the way that we exercise with the revolutionary ChromaYoga studio, (currently only in London but we hope it spreads nationwide soon!) that combines light therapy, soundscapes and aromatherapy with purposefully designed yoga sequences to create your desired frame of mind.

Source: ChromaYoga

Creating a desired emotion in your home is easy if you choose the right colour, for example for a space you intend to be used creatively violet shades are ideal while blue promotes rest and calm.

Check our our blue sofas here:

Source: my scandinavian home, reliable remodeler

Yellow is a fantastic stimulant and can enhance concentration as well as speeding up the metabolism (double win!) while pink is seen as a comforting and nurturing colour.

Source: apartment therapy, maisons du monde

Red can be used to instil confidence (though be careful as too much red can incite anger and hostility!) whilst orange is a warm, inviting and joyful colour, perfect for making a statement entryway!

Source: home designing, the design sheppard

As with every trend, moderation is key. Too much of a certain colour or even a specific shade can have the opposite of the desired effect.

What do you think about mood influencing colours? What are your favourite shades? Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram and tag us @sofaworkshop


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