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Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are a great way to achieve the look of expensive stone tiles, but without the price tag! They became a popular interior feature in the 19thcentury, and 2018 has seen an upsurge in popularity for this kind of tiling, with a huge variety of beautiful encaustic patterns and colours now available.

Each cement tile is handmade, which can cause a very slight difference in the colour and markings of the tiles, but this element of individuality is part of their appeal. It also means that this kind of tile ages well, so you don’t have to worry about your interior looking tired and worn.

Pinterest pins tagged with the term ‘cement tile’ increased by 262% during the first part of this year, highlighting the popularity of this trend.

Source: Gray Malin

You can use cement tiles as flooring, wall decoration, as a bathroom or shower interior, or even to frame your fireplace!

 Source: Bloglovin

They draw the eye to the area where they’re placed due to their ornate designs, so if you only plan to use a small amount of tiling, use it in a place in your home that you want to highlight!


 Source: Gray Malin

The majority of the time cement tiles are designed to be used in clusters of around four, where the tiles put together make a larger pattern. As a result of this, it’s important to lay out your pattern first, as one tile in the incorrect place could disrupt the whole arrangement!

Source: Happy Holiday

 An article on Apartment Therapy discusses cement tiles, with writer Ashley Poskinstating the following:

“Cement tile is a Pinterest dream come to life. Installing it, however, can be tricky if you don’t plan ahead and do your research. If you’ve laid ceramic tile before, you’re headed in the right direction — but there is still much more to learn before you start. Think of cement tile as ceramic tile’s dramatic, entitled, spoiled cousin who is allergic to everything. But man is it beautiful at the same time.”

Installing ceramic tiles can be tricky, but is well worth the effort! It’s important to make sure that the surface below the tiles is prepped accurately, as an uneven base can result in an irregular finish. Ensure you have the right tools for the job before starting the project, and keep your work surface clean to avoid any staining on the tiles. If in doubt, you can find lots of helpful tutorial videos on YouTube!

Find some more images of cement tile interiors on our Pinterest board.


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