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Bring on the botanicals

Ah, the British Summer Time… cold wind, unpredictable showers and yet we persist in attempting to BBQ at every opportunity.

But although we’re almost painfully aware that the sunny skies and summer dress weather is eluding is, we refuse to let that stop us surrounding ourselves with nature and dreaming of genuinely warmer climes!

Adding botanical style to your home is a super fresh trend, particularly as it adds ‘greenery’, 2017’s colour of the year, to any space!

Here’s how you can get that ‘outdoors inside’ look, green fingers not essential!

Purify with plants

Spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and tension, so cultivating your very own indoor haven filled with low maintenance, oxygen cleansing, toxin-ridding plants are almost on Doctor’s orders!

Big leafy plants, such as rubber trees and English ivy, are not only pleasing to the eye but also have the added benefit of purifying the air in your home! If you’re adverse to a big potted plant, try placing ivy on a shelf and letting its fairytale tendrils cascade downwards. Just dreamy.

Source: Lauren Conrad

Tasteful terrariums

If you fancy getting more creative with your indoor gardening, terrariums are for you. They can be as simple of as ambitious as your heart desires and also feature the more popular plants – succulents & cacti, which are having a trending moment.

All you need to get going is an empty container, (such as a recycled candle jar or something you have bought specially – that’s the beauty of this!), a handful of soil and pebbles that you’d typically find at the bottom of a fish tank. Then you’re ready to mix and match as your heart desires!

The best thing about terrariums is that they are completely customisable – succulents come in a rainbow of greens, purples, yellows and blues and can be as detailed or minimalist as you like. There’s no limit to the amount of terrariums you can scatter around.

Source: Etsy, Atelier Stella

Treat yourself with trees

You don’t need a huge home to benefit from a mini tree – they can be relatively easy to care for and they instantly add green goodness to a space.

Certain trees, such as Ponytail Palm (we love the name!), are succulents, which means they’re easy to look after, even when you’re on a summer trip away!

If you’re particularly green fingered, you may love the idea of tending to a bonsai tree, but be warned, they can need a lot of love and attention.

Source: the joy of plants, bakker

Plants bring life and energy into a home, and if we’re honest, it’s another excuse to wander around your local garden centre, which we love!

Have you created a leafy haven in your home? Join the conversation and tag us @sofaworkshop on Twitter and follow us on Pinterest for tonnes of home inspiration.

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