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Breathing New Life Into an Old Sofa

For some, getting a new sofa is not an option, and sometimes money is not the only reason for this. A good-quality sofa, regardless of age, could well be in an owner’s home because it is the most comfortable place in the house to sit down and relax. However, if the room the old sofa resides in has had a change of design and/or colour, said sofa could well do with a revamping. Here are some suggestions on breathing new life into an old sofa.

Relocating the sofa

Should one have had their room redesigned, the sofa that once suited the room may not any longer. Moving the sofa to another room could well do the trick. Alternatively, simply moving the sofa from one spot to another in the same room can work wonders, and can sometimes even add or save space in a room.


Throws are a great option. They not only help prevent the need to buy a new sofa every season, but also help protect against general wear-and-tear and pet hairs. Those who like to redecorate their rooms often can also shop around for throws in a whole range of patterns, designs and colours.


Strategically placed cushions can hide a multitude of sins, and with large cushions in particular, no one need see those stains or tatty areas. Also, because cushions come in so many colours, shapes and styles, the options for brightening up your sofa are almost limitless.


At times, all that is needed to update a sofa is to strip off the old furniture fabric and replace it with some new fabric. Re-covering a sofa is a good way to go if there are no other problems with it, and sofa slipcovers – detachable covers that can easily be used to cover the sofa as and when required – are ideal for this purpose.

New upholstery

Re-upholstering should not be confused with re-covering. Yes, re-upholstering does require re-covering, but it also requires the repairing of any broken or loose joints, ensuring all the sofa is up-to-date with regards to fire safety, changing the sofa’s springs and replacing old foam. Basically, getting a sofa upholstered means getting the entire thing stripped down to its skeleton and rebuilding it to its former glory.

New upholstery is not always necessary, except for very old sofas that are regularly used and starting to ‘droop’ and/or have loose fittings. Antique sofas and chairs can also be re-upholstered, but will likely require a specialist who knows how to handle what could be fragile (and expensive) goods. Upholstering should not be taken lightly, and is a treatment best reserved for high-quality, hand-made furnishings that are likely to last a lifetime.

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