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bloomon lovely ideas with flowers

It’s habit that makes us put a new bouquet in the same old vase in the usual spot on the windowsill or table. But why not create a feature with a large display by an ornate fireplace, or make space on a shelf that is refreshed with new blooms every couple of weeks?


Source: bloomon

We think it’s time to rethink flowers. And yes, we’re saying that in autumn. Because you don’t need summer blooms for brilliant displays. In fact, with darker nights, colder days and more time in the house, it’s nicer than ever to brighten up your home with something fresh and floral.

“A plethora of treasures come into season for autumn. I am particularly fond of foliage, the changing colours to warm ochres and ambers create some of my favourite palettes to work with. A lot of flowers don’t blossom through our winter. I really try and keep to foliage such as fragrant pine, twisted willow, catkins and berried goods. If you stay on season with your flora and fauna, you will always get the strongest and most out of your blooms.”

That’s Stuart Fenwick, floral stylist for flower delivery company-with-a-difference, bloomon. They offer regular flower deliveries to clients and bring a fresh approach to it. All of their flowers come direct from the growers.

“Working directly with the growers simply means that we cut out the middlemen and the auctions so the flowers don’t sit around for days in lorries. Instead you get fresh flowers delivered the day after they are picked from the fields, fresher for longer.

We like the idea of flowers taking a new place in our homes. Too often they’re an impulsive one-off buy, or we’re overrun with them on special occasions. Instead, why can’t we see the bouquet as an everyday part of our interior styling?


Think about the room you have them in. It’s tempting to keep them ‘on show’ in a hall or living room. But there’s something beautifully indulgent and calming about waking up to natural flowers in your bedroom. (And they make a wonderful welcome in a guest room.)

We’re so used to seeing bouquets done one way, packed in with the same accompanying flora. So making a change can create a real talking point. Get creative. Split flowers across multiple vases… Set them one after the other up the stairs… Hang vases from the walls…

Whatever you do, just don’t be tied to traditional bouquets crammed full of identikit flowers.

“At bloomon, our arrangements are spacious, playful and distinctively styled – letting every flower get the attention it deserves. From bright colours that pop to pretty pastels, in our arrangements we only use one stem of one flower so your bouquet is always a surprise. We often use flowers even I haven’t seen before.”


Source: bloomon

The best thing about flowers is that they’re beautiful just as they are. Try displaying them in different ways and chances are they’ll still look absolutely gorgeous. So get artistic and freshen up your flowers for the autumn/winter season. Surprise yourself with your arrangement style. It’s the time of year we all need a bit of a lift and fresh flowers are proven to improve your mood. So what better excuse do you need?

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