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Be big on blue this season

Poor blue. Feeling blue… singing the blues… this beautiful colour has a bad rep for being sad. But we love blue! Blue skies, blue seas, Blue Ivy… and now blue is officially back. Pantone, the global colour consultants, stated for this year “…a Fall colour palette that is led by the Blue family.” Go blue!

So to celebrate the renaissance of this beautiful colour, with its rich variety of tones and shades, we’ve looked at ways to bring blue home.

Base it on blue


Source: Curtains Colors

blue2    blue3

Source: F&P Interiors                                   Source: Farrow&Ball

Deep midnight blues make a great base colour. Pick a flat colour on the walls, opt for a subtle pattern to add texture and interest (this tropical bird print is so fun!) or go all out and paint the floor blue too!

The versatility of blue is one of its strengths. It goes with just about everything. So you can build on your blue foundation with woods or metallic, neutral tones or pops of colour.

Work it with white

blue4    blue6

Source: Pinterest                                    Source: Osirix Interior


Source: Rukle


Cameron sofa

White’s one colour you can always rely on with blue. It’s a classic combination that oozes sophistication and serenity (think willow-patterned plates and Wedgwood Jasperware, brought up to date). This delectable duo-tone can lighten and brighten, whether you add key pieces as blocks of colour or scatter simple accessories around the room. And white always creates a great background to make a single feature colour (like bold blue) the focal point of your room.

Naturally blue

blue8    blue9

Source: Jan-Kath                                                           Source: Crafts and Coffee


Source: Zara Home

Colour psychologists would tell us one of the reasons blue is calming and constant is the fact we’re forever under a great blue sky. (Though we’d argue it’s all too often grey!) Then there’s water. From Zen gardens to babbling brooks, it’s always been recognised for its relaxing qualities.

But it’s not about going all-out nautical. Instead it’s breaking up colours to keep things fresh and natural. Turn things upside down with cloud-inspired rugs, create a feature with gentle waves or accessorise with a spread of blues.

All about accents


Source: Freshome


Source: HD Wallpaper Art


Source: Almraah

Whether you like deep blues or brighter hues, blue makes a great accent colour throughout the home. You could pick a wall or a large single item to be your key blue feature, or scatter blue cushions, pictures, vases, clocks and more on a monochrome canvas.

The sheer range of blues available means you’re bound to find a shade for you. So let your blues be bold and brash, light and airy, deep and mysterious, or anything else that takes your fancy. Just make the most of the beautiful blue trend.

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