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5 Best Virtual Interior Design Apps

Redesigning your home can be a challenge, and the list of things to take into consideration can seem endless; from determining a room’s natural light, to hanging carefully selected artwork perfectly straight. But don’t fear, there are thousands of apps that can help you create your dream room. Here are our five best virtual interior design apps.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

If you’re simply looking for inspiration, the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app is perfect. It allows you to browse through a seemingly endless supply of ideas and save them into a virtual scrapbook. So don’t waste time and money buying home improvement or design magazines when all of the ideas and images are available on this app.


Palettes is a great free app that can help you when thinking about a colour scheme for your room. It’s a great way to manage colour palettes as you can sample colours from images, photographs, websites and anything else you can find.

Handy Man DIY

Handy Man DIY is available through iTunes for just a couple of pounds. This handy little app can recreate the dimensions of your room so that you’ll always buy the right amount of paint, tiles, flooring and so on. It’ll also talk you through DIY jobs such as laying tiles via a network of tutorials and videos so that your renovations look professional.

Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool

Ever had your new sofa delivered only to find that it won’t fit through the front door? Or can’t fit it around that tight corner in your hallway? We’ve all been there, but Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool can ensure that it’ll never happen again. This nifty little helper, available through iTunes, can show you what a room will look like once your colour scheme, flooring and furniture have all made their mark. You can virtually paste a new colour or fabric on to your old walls or sofa to see how they will look, add the dimensions of your room and arrange furniture in it before you’ve spent a penny, saving you time and effort from buying the wrong items and having to return them.

iHandy Level

The final task to complete any newly decorated room is hanging all of those pictures perfectly. The iHandy Level is a free app and gives you an exact reading so there’s no more judging your own eyesight when hanging artwork.

There are thousands of other apps on the market too so if there’s something that you need help with, or if you just want to play around with different ideas, a little time spent searching can save you hours in the long run.

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