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9 Flooring Ideas for Your Living Room

When it comes to interior design, no surface should be overlooked, and the floor is no exception. While a decent carpet provides a nice, simple solution, there is so much more that can be done to make optimal use of your floor. Here are nine flooring ideas that will truly enhance your living room.

1. Natural Flooring

A wide variety of natural materials can be used as flooring, including seagrass, plant fibres and even paper. Prices vary depending on what you go for and of course some will be of a higher quality than others, but the environmentally friendly factor certainly makes natural flooring a great option. A favourite material is cork, which boasts a comfortable, cushioning feel, makes an ideal insulator for heat and is also soundproof.

Cork flooring.

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2. Tiles

Tiles may not be the obvious option for living room flooring, but in the right setting they can lend tranquillity to a space. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to materials, although ceramic or slate tiles are probably the best option. The effect can be both historical and modern, depending on the complementing décor. When it comes to colours, white is perhaps the most relaxing, although there really is no limit on the choice of tile colours and designs available!

When it comes to choosing tiles, the sky’s the limit!

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3. Wood

Wood flooring is a favourite among designers and with good reason; it instantly adds a certain character to a room. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the period image of an older house – in such cases, a wood rich in knots and grains is the best option. Hardwood is reliably strong if you live in a busy household, but a matt lacquer finish is advisable for added durability.

Wood flooring can really add character to a room.

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4. Vinyl

Vinyl is, wrongfully, perceived as a cheap, quick fix for kitchens or hallways, but it can actually be a very stylish form of flooring for your living room. With soundproof and easy cleaning qualities, it is a very practical material, and provided you invest in high-quality vinyl and choose the right design, it will also be an attractive option. Lighter colours are best suited to minimalist spaces, whilst a darker shade will make a room feel richer and more homely.

Vinyl flooring is versatile, and can be custom made.

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5. Stone

Stone is a highly durable material, provided it is properly prepared before installation, and offers an elegance that other materials can’t quite muster. The natural tones add to its uniqueness, and there are plenty of types to choose from to suit the mood you wish to achieve. Marble is a particular favourite, and will create and air of sophistication in your living room.

A traditional stone floor.

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6. Concrete

Concrete flooring is a minimalist favourite that has evolved far beyond the garage floor. The main draw of concrete is its strength and durability, but it can be visually enhanced with painting, staining, polishing and many other treatments. Concrete does reflect sound, however, so it is probably best to add rugs and other materials to cancel out any noise.

Stained concrete.

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7. Leather

Leather is not the most conventional choice, and it certainly isn’t cheap, but it does make for a particularly luxurious flooring option. Natural leather is not just for handbags and shoes anymore; it is also a very trendy way to bring your living room to life. Natural leather tiles are strong, beautiful to look at, and incredibly mood-enhancing in the right setting.

Flooring made from vintage leather belts.

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8. Glass

Glass flooring must be carefully maintained, yet if an ultra-modern, cool atmosphere is what you are after, this is a stunning way to achieve it. Glass flooring is best suited to open plan living rooms, particularly ones with large windows and minimal décor. If your home is able to accommodate it, it is an incredibly stylish flooring method. Some homes even utilise clear glass to provide a view of the room below, although white or frosted glass is arguably the more attractive option.

Glass panel floor.

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9. Carpet

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. Opting for a carpet does not mean you are settling, though. After all, the right carpet could be the perfect way to complement a room and provide a warm, welcoming feel. And when it comes to choosing a carpet, colour should not the only criteria; the materials and quality are what you really need to look out for. Carpets that are 100% wool provide the best durability, feel and insulation.

Try something playful, like this optical illusion carpet.

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