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8 Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is a wonderful time of year, marking the transition from Winter to Spring, and putting up your Easter decorations can be a chance to flex your creative muscles and help make your home look and feel quite different. Here are eight Easter decoration ideas that ought to inspire you …

1. Easter Wreaths

Most associate wreaths with Christmas, but they can be hung on to your front door for many national observances (e.g. May Day). Wreaths are traditionally made from twigs, leaves, fruit and seasonal flowers, usually from evergreen trees. However, don’t let tradition hold you back with regards to materials – anything can be used, from fabrics to paper clips. During Easter, many use eggs, rabbits and chicks as motifs for their wreaths.

2. Flower Arrangements

Spring provides us with a huge variety of flowers to choose from. Whites, greens and yellows are particularly popular colours around this time of year, and daffodils, narcissus, buttercups and lilies are all in-season, making them an ideal choice for flower arrangements.

3. Table Centrepieces

Centrepieces are for those who really like to exercise their creativity, and can be a great way of getting the children to contribute something to the table rather than making a bother in the kitchen! As it is Spring, a nature-based centrepiece is ideal.

4. Make Your Own Nests

Have some leftover twigs from your wreath? Then why not put them to good use and make some small nests to rest your Easter eggs. To complete the piece, add some little toy chicks or get the kids to make them out of paper.

5. Garlands

Garlands can be used to frame walls, windows, doors and almost any inanimate object you can think of. Garlands can also be used to hang other decorations, such as hand-knitted rabbits, paper carrots, egg-shaped designs and anything else Easter-related.

6. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Do you have plenty of out-of-date eggs in your fridge or cupboard? Then use them to decorate your home. Consider hard-boiling your eggs and/or dipping them in rubber cement first as this can make them resistant to damage, as well as easier to design. Almost any technique can be used to decorate your eggs, including felt tip pens, paints (oil and acrylic paints are best), dyes, Japanese washi tape (decorative tape), glitter and airbrushes. Monochrome styles are very much in-style at the moment, and can help make an already sleekly designed room classier still.

7. Vases

Old, inexpensive vases can be redesigned by covering them in wrapping paper or using a ceramic paint pen to give them an Easter-inspired design. Adding flowers – or even fruits – can freshen up an unused vase, as can placing them over bare fireplaces and the like. Filing a clear vase with decorated or small sugar-coated chocolate eggs is another way to liven up an otherwise run-of-the-mill object.

8. Place Settings

Planning where your guests are going to sit at the dinner table can be a difficult task. Knowing whether two people who are sitting next to each other will get along and converse is all-important when arranging seating plans. Topping plates with fluffy, handmade chicks, lambs or any other Spring-related animal can help ease any tension amongst your guests and get them talking and laughing. Add a little chocolate to the plate (not too much – you don’t want to ruin dinner, after all!) to get guests into the Easter spirit. Monogrammed eggs are another great way of creating a place setting.

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