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6 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

Time to dust off those cobwebs (literally and metaphorically) and give your home a good old spring clean. And that doesn’t just mean getting out the mop and bucket, spring cleaning is your home’s spa day, which should leave it refreshed and revitalised.

Out with the old

Sarah Van Peteghem furnishes Berlin apartment with vintage Danish seats:

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The first thing to do this spring before making a start on anything else is declutter. Be ruthless and get rid of all those bits and pieces taking up unnecessary space in your home. Have a thorough clear out of your cupboards and wardrobes, asking yourself if you really want or need all that stuff, and purge anything from your home – furniture, accessories, and so on – that isn’t making a useful or positive contribution to the feel or function of the space.

In with the new

Strike a Pose - Inside Whitney Port's Remodel (Photo):

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A spring clean and clear out is more than sufficient to make your home feel shiny and new, but after all that hard work and numerous trips to your local recycling centre, you’ll have earned the right to treat yourself and your home to a new accessory or item of furniture. Just one or two carefully chosen items – perhaps a new sofa, or a statement mirror – is all you’ll need, and will be the icing on the cake once you’ve finished scrubbing your home from top to bottom.

Time to move

love this bedroom - A Plant Designer and DJ’s Easy-Going Brownstone | Design*Sponge:

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No not home, we’re not suggesting anything that dramatic! You can instantly change the dynamic of your interiors by simply swapping or moving around furniture and other items of decor. Change the layout of your living room, move that accent chair to your bedroom, hang that oversized painting currently in the dining room in the hall instead… While it’s nice to pick up a couple of new items for your home, you can improve the look of a space without buying a single thing.

Fix it

Has a nautical theme and would work with the white panelling well. Moulded Mexicana Internal Door:

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Since you’ll be busying yourself with all that cleaning and decluttering anyway, you may as well spend some time on those minor house repairs you’ve been putting off all winter. Whether it’s fixing a dripping tap, getting some WD-40 on those creaky door hinges, or regrouting the bathroom tiles, now is the time to do them when you’re already motivated.

Brighten up

Free your Wild :: Work Space :: Studio :: Home Office :: Creative Place :: Bohemian Inspired:: See more Boho Style Design + Decor Inspiration @untamedorganica:

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Winter decor is all about filling your home with warm, earthy tones. In contrast, spring decor should be bright, cheerful, and invigorating, so when spring cleaning your home this year, make sure you consider where and how you can add more colour. Replace throws and cushion covers with ones that boast brighter shades and patterns, put down colourful rugs, replace thick dark curtains with voiles that let in the light… There are endless ways to give your home a clean, fresh, springtime feel.

Let in nature

Bringing greenery into your living areas also creates a natural flow between the outdoors and the indoors | photography christina kayser onsgaard:

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Open those windows and let the stale odours of winter out and the fresh scents of spring in. A house can be tidy and clean, but if it doesn’t smell as pleasant as it looks, you’re only really halfway there. Freshly cut flowers will create a welcoming aroma in a space, but they will also give your interiors a visual boost, as will greenery (which can actually help clean and purify the indoor air) and other nods to nature, so celebrate nature’s return to form by letting it into your home this spring.

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