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6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Many like to think of themselves as “having an eye for style”. In many cases this could be true – the ideas you have for your home’s décor may well prove to be excellent. However, hiring an interior designer can prove to be hugely advantageous, even in cases of good ideas. Here are some reasons why …

1. A Fresh Pair of Eyes

A person can rather easily become overly attached to their own ideas, and this can prevent them from seeing any flaws in their plans. Retaining a sense of objectivity, and understanding what is and is not possible could well prevent problems in the long run. This leads very aptly to the second reason why hiring an expert might be a good idea …

2. … Project Management

As cliché as it sounds, the term “invest a penny, save a pound” has a certain pertinence. Meticulously planning every step needed for decorating, ensuring materials and equipment are to hand, spotting potential obstacles as soon as possible – all of theses things are constrained by time and money, even on generous budgets. Indeed, expertise and having a good plan set out can save considerable amounts of both time and money.

3. Connections & Resources

Interior designers have access to a wider range of dealerships than the general public, including wholesalers, reliable home improvement contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers, carpenters), suppliers of specialist products and much more besides. The best interior designers are likely to be accredited by organisations such as The Society of British and International Design (SBID), and therefore have links to other industries such as surveying, architecture and construction.

4. Selling?

Whilst hiring an interior designer is a great course of action for those moving into a new home and wanting a different look, it is also a great way of increasing your home’s marketability – present or future. The right designer can flare up interest and home viewings, which can eventually lead to your home becoming more desirable (and profitable). This means you are ultimately getting the most out of your property.

5. New Ideas

Some know exactly what they want and just need a guiding hand to help them along. Others, meanwhile, need inspiration or have a well thought-out idea for one room but not for another. As interior designers like to think spatially, they can help ‘complete’ a look throughout your home when you have part-rendered ideas (i.e. add ‘flow’ to the home), or even make something that stands out and looks entirely original without damaging the home’s cohesiveness.

6. Getting the Best Out of You

Everyone has their own preferences and unique tastes. The job of every good interior designer is to understand this and gauge what sorts of things you like and dislike. Rather than imposing their own vision, they should bridge your vision to the rest of the world, and capture your personality. Homes with a strong sense of individuality are highly prized.

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