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6 Living Room Essentials For a Stand Out Space

When decorating a living room, our main focus is usually the sofa and other large items of furniture such as the coffee table. All too often accessories aren’t given the attention and consideration they deserve, and sometimes aren’t considered at all. This is a real shame, because it’s actually those little extras that make your living room stand out, and give it its heart and soul. Here are a few living room essentials that you shouldn’t be leaving out.

An Accent Chair

A great way to add interest and drama to your living room is with an accent chair. If you’re brave enough, then by all means go all out and choose a sofa that’s particularly bold or colourful. Alternatively, opt for an accent chair – it offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to mix the understated with the striking. And whether you choose one that is brightly coloured, intriguingly patterned, or unusually designed, there is so much variety you won’t have any problem finding the right accent chair to suit you and your living room.

Sofa Workshop chairs

The Little Lady sofa from Sofa Workshop.

A Statement Rug

A rug is more than just a practical item used to keep the rest of the floor clean. It can also be an attractive adornment to any space, giving it an extra dimension and you more opportunity to experiment with colours, textures, and designs. The rug below is an excellent example of just how impactful they can be in a room.

Grenn and blue rugImage credit

Magic Mirrors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a decent mirror can make all the difference to a room. Antique mirrors, rustic mirrors, quirky mirrors… they’re one of the simplest ways to give a space some much-needed character. Where you hang or place the mirror in your living room is also of great importance, so be sure to give this as much consideration as the mirror itself.

Vintage mirrorImage credit

An Accent Wall

If you want a living room that will lift your spirits and inspire you every time you walk into it, then four plain walls simply isn’t going to cut it. You can use your living room wall to display art or other pieces that are of interest to you, but the wall itself can also be a blank canvas onto which you can express your creative side.

Accent wallImage credit

Throw Pillows

An oft neglected living room accessory, throw pillows do more for the look of a living room than they’re often given credit for. They’re a quick and easy way to add new colours, textures, and patterns to a room, and can be easily changed to suit the seasons, as well as your mood.

Throw pillowsImage credit

A Conversation Piece

Whether it’s something you picked up on your travels, splashed out on, a natural curiosity, or perhaps even something you made yourself, every living room should have a statement piece that will get guests talking. Whatever you end up choosing, though – and it can be pretty much anything – it should immediately capture the attention of people when they walk into the room.

Animal skullImage credit

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