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5 Tips For Modernising Your Living Room Decor

Is your living room stuck in the 90s or, God forbid, even the 80s? Maybe you just feel like the decor has gotten a bit old and tired and could do with a refresh? Well, there’s plenty you can do to modernise your living room decor without having to start from scratch – just follow these simple tips.

1. De-clutter

Cluttered room

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Often, it’s all those timeworn accessories and ornaments that cause a room to look like it’s past its best. The modern home is clean, light, and airy, so get rid of any pieces that are cluttering up the space and making it appear dated. Having a good clear out doesn’t always mean you have to remove absolutely everything, though. If you can’t bear to part with your great-aunt’s antique ornamental ducks, that’s fine, it will give the room character and a loved and lived in feel.

2. Bring in the light

Light and airy interior

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Make the most of the natural light coming into a room by taking down any net curtains or heavy drapes and replacing them with lighter curtains or blinds. Place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to maximise this light. When it comes to the artificial lighting of a room, choose options that expand the space rather than close it in. Remember, a modern living room should feel light and airy.

3. Update fixtures and fittings

Light fixture

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Updating the fixtures and fittings in your living room is easy to do and can make all the difference. Consider replacing things like light switches, sockets, curtain poles, lampshades, and door handles, which, unless the original features of a historic home, will probably be doing the space no favours at all.

4. Rework the walls

Wall tapestry

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The easiest way to cover up dated wallpaper is to paint over it – stripping and repapering a wall can be tedious and time-consuming. Provided any peeling or lifting of the paper is repaired, painting on top of it should be fairly straightforward. The same goes for painted walls, although, if you can’t face repainting the entire room, a good alternative is to create a feature wall instead. Opt for a bold colour that will brighten and lift the room. Another quick fix is to hang a wall tapestry or a selection of prints, pictures or other wall hangings in order to hide/divert attention from what’s underneath.

5. Re-accessorise

Wall art

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Once you’ve cleared out those old, tatty bits and pieces and lightened and refreshed the space, it’s time to consider adding some, shall we say, more up-to-date accessories. Even if the majority of your living room has remained essentially unchanged, a colourful throw, a few funky scatter cushions, or some unexpected wall art can really help in transforming the personality of a room.

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