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5 Spring-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

As winter gives way to spring, it’s time to consider livening up your home to fit in with the coming season. To help, we’ve gathered together a few spring-inspired interior design ideas so you can escape the drabness of winter and bring the sights and colours of springtime into your home instead.

Spring Motifs

Butterfly wallpaper

Image credit

The springlike imagery on this butterfly wallpaper is enchanting. It has a dreamy quality and instantly brings to mind images of gardens and meadows in full bloom. The wallpaper is energetic, lively, and illustrates perfectly how the emblems of spring – flowers, birds, butterflies, and so on – can inject vitality into a room. Florals and other spring-inspired patterns on wallpaper, rugs, curtains or other textiles are great ways to revitalise a space.

Bring Spring Indoors

Daises in jars

Image credit

When the daffodils and bluebells start to flower, it’s a sure sign that spring is finally here and the warm weather is on its way. Nothing lifts the spirit quite like the sight of spring flowers, so why not bring them into your home and enjoy them all day long? Even if you’re not much of a flower person, or you aren’t fond of the more conventional bouquets or centrepieces, there are all sorts of quirky and alternative ways to display flowers in your home. These daisies in jars are a great example of this.

Spring Cleaning

Spring living room

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Traditionally, spring-cleaning was about clearing out those extra layers we accumulated to get us through the winter months, rather than the epic cleaning project we see it as today. And spring is the ideal time of year to start anew, to throw away all those unwanted items, to seize the chance to redecorate and reorganise your space. It could involve a new coat of paint, or maybe moving your furniture around, but by making just a few changes you can create a fresh clean look in your home.

Colours of Spring

Yellow sofa

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Yellows, greens, pastel blues, and earthy tones. Perhaps the simplest way to refresh your interior and infuse it with the essence of spring is with the season’s signature hues. Whether you opt to repaint your entire living room a sunny yellow or prefer to restrict any changes to a few accent pieces, letting the warming colours of winter give way to cooler, lighter shades will lift the space and your mood.

Let In the Light

Sheer curtains

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Most of us keep the same curtains on our windows all year round, but those heavy drapes that helped block out the winter chill often just aren’t suitable come the spring. With more daylight hours to enjoy you really want to be making the most of the sunlight that comes in through your windows, even when the curtains are drawn. Sheer curtains are ideal for this purpose – they let the light flood in and look lovely billowing gently in the breeze when the windows are open.

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