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5 Quick and Easy Ways To Add a Little Character To Your Living Room

You don’t want a cookie-cutter home, you want it to be unique to you. So, with that in mind, here are some useful suggestions for adding a little bit of character to your living room, but without having to put in too much effort.

Install Statement Lighting

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Whether it’s bold in its design, unique, or just plain weird, statement lighting is one of the simplest ways to give your living room character. Gone are the days when a no-nonsense light shade or fixture would do. Nowadays, a room’s lighting matters every bit as much as the rest of the decor, and should be given consideration when you’re looking for a way to jazz up a space.

Add An Accent Chair


Accent chairs are probably one of the more straightforward options if you’re looking to inject personality into an otherwise characterless space. They’re a stylish choice for any living room and will add colour and visual interest, as well as a new design dimension. And no matter your taste or the style you’re after, there will be a chair out there to suit you and your home.

Display Your Interests

Idée décoration salon

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Perhaps the most effective way of bringing a sense of individuality to your living room is to display items that show off your hobbies or interests. Whatever your passion, be it sport, music, travel, literature, art, or something more obscure, a space filled with bits and pieces that reflect you and your personality will be somewhere truly unique – and it will always give you something to talk about with guests!

Accessorise Differently

Feathers + tape = minimalistic natural decor (If you spray paint the feathers neon pink it might not look natural anymore but it would definitely look cool, I think!):

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It’s those little details that make a house a home, without which you’ll likely find yours looking more akin to a show home, or worse, sparse and unloved. Accessories finish the overall look of a space, but if you want to make a room distinctive you’ve got to start thinking outside the box. Whether it’s ornaments, art, lamps, or a wall clock, search out a few oddities to add to your living room, or if that doesn’t suit your tastes, think about new and unusual ways of displaying various items.

Hang Wall Tapestry

Magical Thinking Logan Medallion Tapestry ( i like how this is up on the wall, kind of cute and covers the ugly white wall -sav):

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Wall tapestry will instantly change the character of your living room. If you’re finding yourself bored with the current decor but don’t want to make any permanent changes – or don’t have the time or the will to do so – wall tapestry is the perfect solution. Available in a variety of bold colours and designs, you’ll find it does wonders in transforming a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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