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5 Interior Design Trends For Spring/Summer 2014

Spring is finally here, and summer is not far behind. For many of us, a bit of spring cleaning is in order, but that doesn’t have to mean simply wiping down the skirting boards and clearing out the cupboards, it can also be a great time to give your home a whole new look. For some inspiration, we’ve put together our top five interior design trends for spring/summer 2014.

1. Blues

Navy blue has been seen on catwalks and in interiors throughout the past year or so, and the trend looks set to continue. However, it is not only strong, deep, saturated blues that are in-style at the moment – blues like light azure, cool cobalt and sprightly cyan are also popular amongst designers of all sorts this spring.

Purple-blues such as ultramarine and indigo are also great choices for those looking for Renaissance-styled rooms. Green-blues like turquoise are also finding their way into our homes, and these ‘in between’ colours are great for anyone wanting to create a balanced (or even clashing-yet-harmonious) colour scheme.

2. Bold Geometric Patterns

Art and architecture is replete with patterns derived from nature (think spiral galaxies, botany and Fibonacci sequences). Geometric patterns give a room structure, and what’s more they can do so without the need to be overwhelming on the eye – you can simply have a geometrically patterned rug, seat cushion(s) or a painting. Using two or three different geometric shapes can add a sense of movement to a room, and be very visually striking.

Those looking to brighten or lend a little life to their surroundings may well wish to go further than a cushion or throw and choose furnishings with a geometric pattern instead.

3. Floral Themes

As the greyness of winter gives way to the bright, blossoming colours of spring, it’s time for us to throw off the drab too and brighten up our homes with some floral designs. The key to making floral prints work is to pair them with other patterns or simple, light colours that accentuate their design. For example, an off-white sofa can be brightened up considerably with a floral-printed cushion.

Our Miss Behaving sofa, with its new exotic and vibrant floral fabric, would be an ideal addition to any living room this spring/summer.

The Miss Behaving Sofa

4. Alternating & Varying Your Fabrics

Interiors no longer have to be all about appearance. We have begun to understand that rooms can be a multi-sensory experience, full of different textures as well as sights. Mixing together wood, fabric and metals can help create a myriad of moods and looks. Layering different fabrics together – and removing/replacing them as temperament suits – is a quick and effective way of creating a new environment within the same space.

5. The Timeless & the Unique

We are living in a world where styles and fashions are constantly changing. Finding a truly unique design is more difficult than ever, and goods that were once exclusive by virtue of geography are now accessible to people the world over.

With trends, by their nature, being ever-changing, it is no surprise that many are sticking to classic designs coupled with customised, original or antique furniture and accessories, making it difficult to change or update a room at the drop of a hat. Instead, slipcovers, cushions, and other room accessories can be used to create a temporary style or mood in a space, whether for Spring/Summer or any other trend, while still retaining the classic design.

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