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5 Interior Design Trends For Autumn/Winter 2014

Summer is almost over and, although August is one of the hottest months of the year, the occasional boat of heavy rain and thunderstorms remind us that the colder months are on their way. Brighter, bolder colours start to give way to warmer, earthier colours, and we start thinking of how to get a room to feel cosy as opposed to cool (or perhaps even both cosy and cool). Here are some of the interior design trends you can look forward to over the next few months and beyond…

1. Reclaimed Wood

Due to concerns over logging and industrial farming techniques, many of us have now turned to recycling and reusing old furniture and lumber from factories, barns, warehouses and many other sources.

But why use old wood for new furniture? Well, there are a variety of reasons, but perhaps the best ones are practical. Old wood is actually stronger and more stable because the wood has acclimatised to its surroundings. Reclaimed lumber from pre-20th Century is also often made from virgin growth timber, as well as having had less exposure to pollutants, making the wood stronger.

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2. Follow the Season

We in the UK are lucky enough to have plenty of deciduous trees, meaning we get to see all the fabulous colours Autumn has to offer. There are the apple trees that are ready to be harvested, giving us radiant displays of red and green. We also get to enjoy golds, browns and yellows, and there is not much out there that is more stunning than an ash tree turning purple on a still, open-skied Autumn day. Pinks, plums, and navy blues are also likely to find their way into our living rooms this Autumn, as are various shades of grey.

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3. Print-on-Print

You can have a lot of fun trying to match (or mismatch) several different patterns, and this gives us a choice: do we go for the ‘statement’ look and deck our rooms out with clashing patterns, or do we choose to go with prints that blend well together for something more gentle on the eyes? Print-on-print allows you to choose either of these extremes, and varying degrees in between. Also, do not be afraid to use print styles from around the world. Expect to see African, Aboriginal and Indian prints alongside Western-style prints this Autumn and Winter.

Mix and match your fabric prints this Autumn/Winter.

4. Light-Coloured Woods

Dark-toned furniture made from woods like mahogany have dominated our living rooms for years. Autumn/Winter 2014 and beyond looks to see this change, with lighter varnishes and woods being used. Think honeys, caramels and maples as opposed to ebonies, walnuts and rosewoods. Other types of wood likely to be in the spotlight this coming season include cherry, pine and spruce.

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5. Going Folk

Homespun aesthetics, designs inspired by folklore, tie-dyes, Nordic influences, floral patterns and original pieces of amateur and ethnic art – these are all elements that constitute a part of folk style. Remember that folk styles tend to celebrate community as well, so a piece of work (e.g. carpentry) from a local artisan could be one way of getting something wholly original into your home.

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