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5 Interior Design Ideas To Try This Summer

Are you looking for a change? A home decor project to sink you teeth into? Then give a corner of your home a new look this summer with one of these fantastic interior design ideas.

1. Let Your Home Reflect Your Interests

We all want our home decor to reflect our tastes, and we usually achieve this through picking out such things as curtains, paint colours or sofas we like. If you really want your home to represent you and your personality, though, then consider also showcasing items that are personal to you and your interests. Whether you have a passion for travel or love all things music-related, adding pieces that say something about you will help to make your home uniquely yours.

Drum-shelvesImage credit

2. Look up

Ceilings are the most neglected part of a room – and if they’re remembered at all it’s usually only to add a new coat of white paint. If you never give the ceilings in your home a second thought, you’re missing a trick. Instead of focusing on the walls or the floor, look up for a change. The same decorating rules apply to your ceiling as your walls – i.e. not choosing colours or designs that will make the space feel smaller or darker – but other than that the choice is yours as to what you do with it.

Painted ceilingImage credit

3. Make Your Home Simple and Functional

We’re not talking about creating a stark minimalist interior (you’re still allowed personal touches!), rather this is about removing the clutter – those items that are only there to fill in the space. A simple and functional room means being more discerning about the pieces you include, but it’s also about how those pieces contribute to the function of the space. So, add whatever you like, just make sure it all has a purpose, be that spiritual, emotional, or practical.

Simple roomImage credit

4. Add Industrial Accents

Industrial interior design has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and is an ideal choice if you want to give your home more of a masculine feel. Metal, plastic, wood, brick, concrete – there are plenty of industrial materials you can work with to create the desired look. Salvaging and repurposing industrial items is another good option, and a great shorthand way to add this design style to a space without having to start from scratch.

Industrial interiorImage credit

5. Break the Rules

If you’re at a lost as to what to do with a particular room in your home, or are just looking for a little bit of decorating inspiration, interior design ideas and suggestions can be really helpful. Sometimes, though, it’s worth throwing out the interior design rulebook altogether. It’s a risky way to go, and more often than not will not work out as you hoped, but if you’re brave enough, and willing to try pretty much anything – any style or colour combination – the results could be wonderful.

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