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5 Home Decor Trends For Winter 2015

With the Christmas season approaching, you may be planning to refresh your home decor for when the family comes over, or to use the time off work to find some interior design inspiration and do something completely different for the coming New Year. To help you, we’ve found the biggest home decor trends in for the winter season, and there are plenty of new and exciting trends to look out for.

1. Dark and Moody

Dark and moody interior

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As autumn becomes winter, the days grow darker, as do the colour palettes for the home. Think as dark and as moody as possible, with rich purples, inky indigos, deep blues, and frosty greys being the shades to go for in textiles, accessories, and artwork. Jewel tones, mixed with a few shades reminiscent of a winter frost, will look atmospheric and opulent. Scandinavian style is still on-trend, but neutral tones of chalky whites and dove greys, mixed with these darker shades, will create an eclectic feel that is highly desirable.

2. Patterns


Patterns of all kinds are making a huge comeback on textiles and wallpapers, and nature-inspired patterns are proving particularly popular, with old-fashioned style blooms, such as roses and tulips, dominating fabrics. Feathers and butterfly wings are also beginning to appear, as are geometric designs and traditional tartans, which add a classic touch to any home. Keep your interior from looking too busy by balancing patterned pieces with a plain background.

3. Eclectic Touches

Eclectic interior

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The finishing touches to your home should make it feel like it really is unique to you, and quirky features, no matter how small, are a great way of achieving this. Show off an unusual collection, mix interior design styles, or add in unexpected colours and patterns – anything to transform a space into somewhere distinctive and memorable. It’s not about the perfect show home, it’s about creating something that’s truly individual.

4. Simple and Elegant Furniture

Scandinavian furniture

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Furniture styles are still taking inspiration from the mid-century Scandinavian simplicity that we’ve all come to love in recent years. Simple, clean furniture will work well alongside the dark colours and patterns used in the decor, and help prevent a room from looking busy and cluttered. Whatever you chose, the key is to keep any new additions simple in style, rather than over-the-top or ornate, as this will maintain a sense of relaxed luxury.

5. Luxurious Comfort

Throws and cushions

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The key theme of winter 2015 is that of a return to life’s little comforts – of a lifting of austere restrictions, and a return to pre-recession design ideas. Add an air of indulgence to your home, especially with comfort objects like throws, rugs, and cushions. Not only will they keep you warm, but they will add plush textures to a room. Bold knitted accessories, such as chunky knit cushions, are great for adding depth of texture.

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