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11 Interior Design Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following

Whether it’s home decor ideas, fashion tips, or new recipes you’re after, Pinterest is a superb place to find inspiration. To the uninitiated, Pinterest allows users to ‘pin’ images they like to a virtual board, which are then saved and shared with other users. It’s a particularly useful resource if you’re looking for home decorating and design ideas, and there are some interior design pinners who excel in bringing together interesting images – which you can then steal ideas from to use in your own home! To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of must-follow interior design Pinterest accounts that will have your own Pinterest feed bursting with design possibilities!

Morgan Satterfield (The Brick House)

Mid-century modern designs are very much a theme in Morgan’s pinboards, and if you’re trying to achieve an effortlessly cool vibe in your home, then be sure to checkout her pins.

Darlene Weir (FieldstoneHill Design)

There are ideas galore on Darlene’s Pinterest page, which will leave you completely spoiled for choice. Stylish designs abound, from classic to contemporary, simple to sumptuous – it’s all here.


Run by London-based interior design blogger Will Taylor, Bright.Bazaar is all about the colour – and the bolder the better. So if you’re looking to brighten up your home, consider following this Pinterest account.


This trendsetting young designer covers it all – food, fashion, travel, art, lifestyle, as well as interior design. Her boards are fun and spirited, giving you a wide area of subjects to draw inspiration from.

West Elm

West Elm, a retailer based in New York, has an array of interestingly themed boards on its Pinterest page. Ideal if you have really no idea what kind of style or designs you want to introduce into your home.

Thomas Murphy

If urban chic best describes your interior design style, then make sure you start following Thomas Murphy on Pinterest. His pins are dramatic, brooding, and have a distinctly masculine quality.

Jessica @ Black. White. Yellow. 

When it comes to interiors, Jessica loves all things black and white (and yellow). Join her in her obsession and follow her account now.

Pin Roof

A mysterious, yet prolific pinner, not much is known about the person behind Pin Roof, except to say that they refer to themselves as an ‘Inspiration Curator’.

Mr Call Designs

Well categorised and themed pinboards make searching for ideas and inspiration easy on the Mr Call Designs page. Carefully tailored modern spaces are Mr Call’s speciality, and this is reflected in his pins.

Erica Reitman (VintageDesign)

Erica’s Pinterest account offers an eclectic mix of design styles and is full of useful tips and suggestions. From home decor, to art, to DIY, everything the budding interior designer/decorator could possibly need is here.

Isabeau Grey

For Isabeau Grey, the pursuit of beauty is the key to successful interior design, and it overflows on her Pinterest page. Her pins testify to the fact that beauty and inspiration can be found anywhere.

For more interior design ideas and inspiration, take a look at Sofa Workshop’s Pinterest page.

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