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10 Tips For Successful Home Staging

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Home staging is essentially styling or restyling a property in order to make it attractive to potential buyers. According to, good home staging reduces the amount of time a house spends on the market by up to a third, and can increase its price by anything from between 6% and 20%. Here are ten ways of ensuring your property sells quickly and at the highest possible price…

1. De-clutter

To you, that extra desk or footrest is entirely functional and comes in useful during day-to-day life. To others, however, that extra piece of furniture is space that can potentially be used for something else. Anything unnecessary doesn’t need to be there, and that also goes for ornaments, pictures and the like – keep such things to a minimum. Another thing you need to consider is storage space, which is one of the main concerns of home buyers. Clean, clear closets are of great importance when selling a property.

2. Purpose your box room

Large homes usually have one small room that tends to collect plenty of junk. Such a room must find another purpose when home staging, lest it leave a bad impression upon the rest of your home. Whether you decide to turn it into an office or a small nursery, it has to demonstrate its usefulness for something.

3. Lighting

No one wants to live in a dark, dingy space, which is why lighting your home correctly is of the utmost importance. Ensure that all light fixtures and lamps have newly fixed-in light bulbs, preferably at 100w for approximately every 50 square foot of floor area. Lamps and dimmer switches are useful, too. Also make sure that your windows are clean both inside and out in order to increase the amount of natural light coming through the windows.

4. Paint it bigger

Lighter colours, such as creams or pale blues, reflect light, making a room appear bigger, whilst darker shades will absorb light and give the space a smaller feel. Small rooms can also be made to look bigger by painting the adjacent room an identical colour. This is because having two rooms the same colour adds a sense of continuity to the home.

5. The basics: clean up and cut the grass

In the past, cleaning up and maintaining the garden was basically what ‘home staging’ meant, and whilst home styling has become slightly more nuanced in recent times, this idea still has a lot of merit. For those who are busy, there is no shame in hiring a professional cleaner and/or gardener if necessary. A small spend initially could mean big returns later.

6. Choose neutral colours

Many want their house to stand out from the crowd, and think that painting the interior unusual colours will help them achieve this. If you are planning on living in the house long term, picking colours that reflect you and your personality is great, but not if your goal is to sell the property. Not everyone will appreciate the bright orange walls in your bedroom! Painting your house in neutral colours and having plain, simple, good quality furniture will likely increase the asking price of your house. Bright, garish colours can turn people off and could potentially lower the price.

7. Draw attention to the desirable features

Do you have a stunning fireplace or an amazing set of stained-glass windows? Perhaps an unusual alcove or an interesting architectural feature? Then don’t be afraid to show it off. Accent your desirable feature by painting the wall it’s placed in a different colour or adding a design to the surrounding area.

8. Are your accessories to scale?

As long as there aren’t too many cluttering up your room(s), accessories can make your home seem inviting. However, accessories work best when they align with regard to size, so larger items should be furthest back in any display, with smaller items coming to the fore.

9. Make repairs

Is there a crack in a ceiling or wall? A missing tile? A door on its hinges? Maybe even a warped floorboard? Small details count, and if too many things need repairing it may raise suspicions from potential buyers.

10. Bathrooms

Re-tile, repaint and clean up the bathroom. Fold up towels and organise your toiletries. Make viewers feel like they’re in a luxury hotel when looking at your bathroom. Bathrooms, like bedrooms, need to look like they’re relaxing places to be.

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