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10 Illuminating Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting in your home should be given as much consideration as furnishings and décor. Good lighting changes the mood of a room, and can alter your perception of its size. Your lighting ought to work in harmony with your furniture, colour selections, room size, and the availability of natural light. With the correct lighting, you can transform a room into a beautiful combination of functionality and style. Here are ten illuminating lighting ideas to get you started.

1. Base Your Lighting On What You Like Best

This doesn’t mean that if you really like fishing, you should go out and buy a great quantity of fish lamps. It means that you should design a room’s lighting based on what activities you’re going to do in that space. Choose the best lighting for your needs – brighter lights for a workroom, dimmer lights for your bedroom.

2. Make a Statement

A bold and eye-catching light fixture can draw attention to a favourite piece of furniture, artwork, or area of a room. Pendant lights can be used to draw focus to the dining area in your kitchen diner, a brightly coloured retro light shade can brighten up your reading nook, and a sweepingly dramatic chandelier can highlight a beautiful fireplace.

Pendant lights are particularly attractive in dining areas.

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3. Invest in Lamplight

If you are unable to make drastic changes to the lighting in your home, consider using lamps as a key source of light for your rooms. Lamps can add a warm and cosy feeling to bedrooms and living rooms, or can be a source of clear, bright light for a home office. Think about the quality and colour of the light that will fill your room; for example, a warming lamp light can transform a chilly attic bedroom.

4. Unexpected Places

Dramatic lighting can do wonders for a space, changing an ordinary, workaday room into something truly stunning. For example, by simply installing some elaborate light fixtures to your bathroom, you can foster a feeling of luxury that would otherwise be absent.

5. A Pop of Colour

Brighten up a space with vivid coloured lights. Changeable LED lightings can be used to make a space vibrant and chic; use shades of blue for your kitchen, or red shades for a bedroom.

Freshen up your kitchen with blue LED lights.

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6. Repeat Your Designs

Repetition in fixtures, decorations, and furnishings can help create a unified space. Lets say you were using circles as a major element in your design, you could try matching round tables with circular sofa fabric patterns and a spiral chandelier to maximise on the theme.

7. Classic Meets Contemporary

Retro and vintage styles are all the rage right now, but you can make these classic styles feel contemporary very easily. Industrial hanging lights, or old-fashioned cloth shades updated with a bright, modern pattern, are an excellent way to combine the old with the new.

Industrial style lighting.

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8. Shades of Colour

Lampshades are very adaptable, although most people seem to leave them alone when they make alterations to the furnishings and décor of a room. If you’re making any changes to a space, consider also swapping the lampshade to compete the refreshed look.

9. Complementary Style

Buy lighting fixtures that continue the style of your space. Stainless steel shades will continue a sleek contemporary kitchen style, while bright LED lights are well suited to minimalist living rooms.

Recessed ceiling LED lighting.

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10. Have You Thought About Track Lighting?

Historic architectural elements in a period property – such as an elaborate fireplace – can be accentuated with spot lighting that is recessed or on a track. They can also suit a library – or whatever room you have that may be full of bookcases!

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