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10 Furniture Trends To Look Out For In 2014


If you’re planning a much-needed update to a room (or several) after years of having the same furniture and decor, then take a look at some of the furniture trends expected in 2014 – you might just get some inspiration!

1.  Geometric Patterns

While getting a geometrically-patterned sofa in a variety of colours might be difficult (and a little too busy for the eye), think something more subtle like fabrics such as throws or a series of cushions with a variety of patterns. Joanna Hughes’ Geometric Constructions is a good place to look for inspiration, and has been short-listed for the New Design Britain Awards.

2.  Metallic Leather

Metallic leather is quite popular in the fashion world at the moment, and sometimes this world collides with the world of interior design. The best thing about metallic leather is that, thanks to their reflectivity, they tend to pick off the hues of whatever colours are in the room.

3.  Recycled Furniture

Green furniture may be more than a trend. Indeed, recycled and redesigned furniture could well be a necessity. As we now have entire houses made from recycled materials, it is entirely appropriate that furniture too is recycled. Plus, recycled furnishings are more likely to be one-offs, making them examples of ingenuity and originality as opposed to being simply a ‘trend’.

4.  Space-Saving Furniture

Demographic trends tend to reflect what sorts of furnishings are popular in the future, and as people marry later and are more likely to live in smaller spaces in cities, some will take a more utilitarian look at furniture and judge it upon size and functionality. Multi-use furniture that is both easy to pack away and comfortable could well be the solution.

5.  The 1920s

Modernism provided a great shock to the worlds of art, fashion and design – and the shock waves are still being felt to this day. Of course, Luhrmann’s recent film adaptation of  The Great Gatsby has probably had a hand in this trend, but Modernism had many different philosophies (from Cubism to Vorticism), so there is a wide range of schools of thought to choose from.

6.  Neoclassicism

As Modernist-styled furniture becomes trendy, so too does Neoclassical furniture. The two styles are quite distinct from each other, but both can be used to striking effect in different parts of the home. Clean, simple, bold lines and fractal patterns are hallmarks of neoclassical design.

7.  Armrest Details

Pleats and intricately-designed armrests add a flourish to even the humblest of sofas, and can also help create a sense of dynamism and movement in a room. Proof that even simple changes and details can have dramatic effects.

8.  Colours in Equilibrium

Spring brings plenty of colours with it, and designers of all sorts have started to pair together vibrant colours with soft pastels in preparation for the coming season. Also, this Summer looks to be inspired by fruit-based colours, while in Autumn and Winter we are likely to see the metal-based colour theme continue with metallic emeralds and blues. Purples and blues are likely to be seen in designs throughout the year.

9.  Bespoke Furniture

Designing your own furniture and/or choosing the furniture’s specific dimensions is quite the challenge, but if originality and personality are your main goals, then bespoke furniture is an idea to contemplate. Plus, there’s nothing better than the feeling of furniture that is truly yours.

10.  Low-Level Sofas

As space-saving becomes de rigueur, it is only apt that low-level sofas become just as common in small spaces, where ease of manoeuvrability of both person and furniture is paramount. Low-laying furnishings also bring with them a relaxed demeanour.

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