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10 Cool Wallpaper Designs You’ll Want in Your Home

Wallpaper has been enjoying a renaissance over the past few years, but some of us are still resistant. No doubt because it conjures up images of the floral wallpaper adorning the walls of our parents’ living room. Times have changed, though, and wallpaper is not what it used to be. Yes it can still be used to decorate in the traditional way, or to create a certain retro style, but when you consider the countless wallpaper designs now available, there really is no excuse to avoid it any longer. And if you’re still sceptical, then these examples are bound to change your mind.

1. Cat Wallpaper

Cat wallpaper

Image credit

Mad about cats? Then why not combine your passion for interior design with your love of felines? This cat silhouette wallpaper is fun and attractive and would look great in a slightly quirky home.

2. Mountains Wallpaper

Mountain design wallpapaer

Image credit

This mountain design wallpaper is a wonderfully abstract scene. It’s a beautifully stylised  piece, almost a work of art, with the bright yellow suns carefully placed to bring the whole thing to life.

3. Book Pages Wallpaper

Old books wallpaper

Image credit

You don’t have to go for something retro or uber-modern to make a statement with your wallpaper, as long as you opt for something unique and imaginative. This wallpaper created from old book pages has a vintage quality, but is still unusual and absorbing.

4. Maps Wallpaper

Wall of maps

Image credit

If you’re a fan of travelling to far off lands, then how about something like this for your study? We all want our home to reflect who we are and our interests, and if you’re a globetrotter, a wall papered with maps old and new would be inspiration indeed!

5. Feathers Wallpaper


Image credit

Boldly coloured and patterned wallpaper can really invigorate and otherwise low-key space. Of course it does depend on the wallpaper design, but if you are opting for something particularly daring it might be worth keeping it to an accent wall.

6. Bright Stripes Wallpaper

Image credit

Speaking of bold, wallpaper doesn’t doesn’t get much more audacious than this multi-coloured creation. It undoubtedly belongs in a room that already exudes a fun and carefree atmosphere, rather than somewhere you go to relax.

7. Boats Wallpaper

Image credit

This nautical themed wallpaper has a soothing appeal. The softly rolling waves catch your attention and draw you into the scene. There is movement and a vibrancy that’s hard to ignore.

8. Skulls Wallpaper

Skull Wallpaper

Image credit

The beauty of wallpaper today is that it can not only reflect your tastes, but also your personality. This Day of the Dead skull wallpaper is edgy in its design, yet still manages a refined quality. Put this on your walls and people will certainly take note!

9. Porcelain Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper

Image credit

This porcelain wallpaper has been inspired by blue crockery and would be well suited to a contemporary kitchen or informal dining room. It’s both ornate and offbeat at the same time.

10. Gingham Wallpaper

Gingham wallpapaper

Image credit

Gingham dresses, shirts, and tablecloths are commonplace, but gingham wallpaper? Well, why not? There really aren’t many patterns or designs that can’t be pulled off on wallpaper, provided choose other decor to match – like this striped chair, for example.

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