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Which Sofa Best Suits Your Personality and Lifestyle?

Sofas are available in an almost endless array of colours, styles, and designs, which is great because that means no matter your tastes, you’ll find one that suits you and your home down to the ground. All our sofas are as individual as the people who buy them, so read on and find out which sofa is best suited to your personality and lifestyle!

The Film Lover

You need space to stretch out with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your favourite films – old and new. What better choice than the Mr Calm – a sofa that will provide you with many a cramp-free hour in front of the TV. This is a sofa you could spend an entire movie-filled weekend on!

Sofa Workshop Sofa

Mr Calm

The Traditionalist

Your home is refined, your tastes classic. Modern trends hold little interest for you, though that is not to say your home looks like it belongs in a bygone era. What you’re really after is something timeless, a sofa that will fit in effortlessly with your traditionally styled home. Either the Grande Dame or the Browning would be the perfect choice.

Sofa Workshop Sofa

Grande Dame

The Inseparable Couple

It’s just you and your partner, not including the cat. You don’t need acres of sofa space, no, just enough for you and the one you love to snuggle up together on, watch a film, and gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes. If that sounds like you, then consider something like the Harry, a sofa made for two.

Sofa Workshop Sofa


The City-Dweller

Let’s face it, life in a big city can feel a bit cramped – the public transport, the streets, not to mention the oversized shoebox you live in that the landlord/estate agent had the cheek to call ‘cosy’. You’re going to need a sofa that’s stylish, comfortable, yet compact to make living there that little bit more bearable. Be assured, the Mellow Fellow is up to the job.

Sofa Workshop Sofa

Mellow Fellow

The Consummate Host

You love to entertain, and your home is always filled with friends and family. When the dinner is over, it’s time to retire to the sofa for some wine and a game of trivial pursuit. Opt for a sofa, much like the Jude below, that offers space, comfort, and a bed for the night when one or two of your guests can’t make it home.

Sofa Workshop Sofa


The Minimalist

Simplicity is the hallmark of the minimalist home. There is no clutter – no unnecessary accessories or decor adorn the space. Those who subscribed to the minimalist design style seek out symmetry and clean lines, and nothing fits in with this aesthetic better than the Mr Likely!

Sofa Workshop Sofas

Mr Likely

The Creative Type

If you have an artistic nature, then no doubt you see your home as a canvas on which to express yourself. An understated sofa that blends into the background just isn’t you. You’re after something a bit different, and only bold colours and expressive prints will do. In that case, the Miss Behaving could be the one you’ve been searching for.

Sofa Workshop Sofa

Miss Behaving

The Reader

Yes, for some of us the simple pleasure of reading a good book is all we need for a happy life. Well, that and a comfy chair to curl up and read in. We’ve got plenty of chairs and sofas fit for purpose, but the Storyteller is made for all you readers out there.

Sofa Workshop Sofa


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