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Snuggle Up With the One You Love this Valentine’s Day

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner for two in a fancy restaurant, or maybe a couple of days in Paris, city of love? Well, if a recent study is to be believed, all you really need do to keep the love alive is snuggle up on the sofa with that special someone and watch a romantic movie.

Research carried out by the University of Rochester in the US found that newly married couples who watched romantic weepies together were 50% less likely to get divorced.

Wow! Who knew it could be that simple? For years we’ve been buying our significant others chocolates, flowers, jewellery, and splashing out on romantic getaways, when all we really needed was a couple of DVDs, and a sofa.

Of course, just as not any movie will do, neither will any old sofa. If you’re going to cuddle up and watch Love Story or Four Weddings and a Funeral, a comfy sofa for two is going to be a must. And that’s where a love seat comes in handy.

Sitting at opposite ends of a vast sofa isn’t going to instil that lovin’ feeling in either of you, but then neither is being squashed together on a somewhat less than comfortable chair.


Perfect for two.

Not to worry though, there are a huge variety of love seats (or snugglers as we like to call them) on the Sofa Workshop website to suit all tastes and needs. So, why not go for something a bit different this Valentine’s Day and buy a snuggler sofa for both of you to enjoy. And for perfect results, just add the cheesy movie!

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