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Red Carpet Winners (In the Sofa Category)

Red carpet season is upon us! A time to celebrate the great and the good of the small and the silver screen. Proud actors, make-up artists, cinematographers, choreographers and more will leave clutching awards. But we feel there’s one category that’s been overlooked for many years. And we’re here to put it right.

We’re putting sofas in the limelight and cushions centre stage. So please put your hands together for the first ever ‘Awards For Best Performance – By A Sofa.’

Drumroll please…

Best sofa in a Supporting Role 

Pulp Fiction – Mia’s dance (Girl, you’ll be a woman soon)


Source: YouTube

Uma Thurman picked up countless nominations for Best Supporting Actress for this role. In this scene, Uma is exquisite, her wardrobe has won our hearts, the track is sublime; but check out that sofa. Cream leather might not be everyone’s cup of tea but its smooth lines and relaxed yet chic style set the ambience perfectly. The understated yet edgy elegance is an ideal analogy for Uma’s character ‘Mia’.

Best Action Sofa 

Spectre – Building collapse


Source: YouTube

We understand this sofa performs all it’s own stunts (almost unheard of in the industry today). Perfectly played with such subtle cushion movement. Bravo.

Best Dramatic Sofa

American Beauty – It’s just a couch


Source: YouTube

Oh Carolyn, we feel you! It’s not just a couch Lester. It’s upholstered in Italian silk for goodness sake. And we’d rather it wasn’t fragranced with the faint aroma of stale beer for months after either. Just pop the beer down for a moment, love. (On a coaster, of course.)

(Please note, the cushion in this scene was nominated for Best Stunt Cushion – look out for its reverse twist somersault, skimming Kevin Spacey’s shoulder to land perfectly on the chair behind him. 10/10.)

Best Animated Sofa 

The Lego Movie – Double decker couch


Source: YouTube

Every awards needs a controversial decision – and this could be ours. Because yes, we’ve excluded The Simpson’s famed brown sofa. Instead, we’re singing the praises of The Lego Movie’s unsung hero – the pinnacle of invention, the double decker couch. Derided at the beginning, saving lives in the end, its journey cleverly mirrors that of the lead character Emmet. Awesome.

Special Award For Sofa Achievement 

Singin’ in the Rain – Good Morning


Source: YouTube

From kitchen cabinets to hat stands, Baroque chairs to tasselled bar stools, this sequence is packed with noteworthy performances from furnishings. But they saved the best till last, and it’s the sofa in the finale that’s the impressive scene-stealer. Covered in luxurious velvet, its mustard hue is almost gold – very appropriate. This very special three-seater moves elegantly, perfectly in time with the track, and its trio of cushions become the faultless frame to Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and the other one. (Only joking, Donald O’Connor!)

So now we know who the winners are, there’s only one more big question. What will they be wearing on the night?


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