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Sofa Workshop’s Last-Minute Christmas Checklist

You’ve sent the cards, bought the presents, ordered the turkey, but as Christmas day approaches there’s always that nagging feeling that you’ve overlooked something. Well, to help you reduce those chances, we’ve put together a last-minute Christmas checklist.


Sellotape is one of those things that’s likely to slip your mind the closer you get to Christmas day. You’ve picked up those last-minute gifts with just hours to spare, but damn, no sellotape, which means either getting creative with your wrapping style or cobbling it together using duck/electrical tape instead.



Thankfully, many shops will remind you at the checkout that the gift you’re buying requires batteries, but don’t rely on it. No one wants tears on Christmas morning because you forgot to buy AA batteries for little Johnny’s Millennium Falcon.

Defrost the Turkey

Surprisingly, yes, people do forget to take their turkey out of the freezer in time – don’t be one of them. Your turkey is going to need 2-3 days to defrost, depending on its size, so plan ahead. If you do forget, though, all is not lost. Assuming you don’t remember the turkey just a few hours before it’s due to go in the oven (good luck with that), you can employ the cold-water thawing method to speed up the process.

Essential Ingredients

Stuffing, turkey gravy granules, double cream for the desserts… there’s always some ingredient essential to the success of Christmas lunch that gets accidentally left off the shopping list – you were so focused on buying pigs in blankets those Brussels sprouts became a distant memory.

Everyday Essentials

Or, you become so obsessed with remembering every Christmas necessity that the everyday items simply don’t stand a chance. Looking forward to enjoying that nice cup of tea Christmas morning after you’ve opened your presents? Not without milk you won’t.

Christmas Crackers

Inspired by festive foliage and woodland creatures, these reusable christmas crackers can be used as place settings at the Christmas dinner:

They’re not crucial to Christmas lunch itself, but really, what kind of festive meal would it be without Christmas crackers? What festive family gathering would be complete without coloured paper hats, cheap plastic toys, and naff jokes?


Petite Reader

You’ve got family members you never even knew existed coming over on Christmas day, which means seating arrangements will have to be organised in advance. Beg, borrow, or buy extra chairs, just make sure no one ends up spending the day sat on your daughter’s pink Cinderella chair.

Tinfoil and Clingfilm

As banal and irrelevant as these items may seem right now, come Christmas day they’ll be indispensable. There’s going to be a lot of cooking, roasting, and baking going on, not to mention an inordinate amount of leftovers to wrap and store – on Christmas day you’ll be glad you’ve got tinfoil and clingfilm coming out the wazoo.

Christmas Tipples

Baileys for Gran, wine and beer for everybody else. You might think the Christmas tipples would be at the top of everyone’s shopping list, but surprisingly not. Ask guests ahead of time what their preferences are so nobody misses out on their favourite drink come Christmas day.

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