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HomeFest: How to Throw your Own Garden Festival

It’s festival season! But forget the 4 hour traffic jams, warm beers and waiting around for your fave bands.

Get your creative groove on for HomeFest. It’s the best festival ever, and it’s happening at your house!

Pick a date. Invite some VIPs (a.k.a. your friends). And read on for some awesome ideas to get your garden rocking that festival vibe.

HADLEY COURT - SUMMER PICNICS POST - Lynda Quintero-Davids (24)



Festival style is DIY style

We love handmade. Especially when the fact it looks handmade only adds to the effect.

Hand-painted signs, chalkboard directions… cast your best creative eye over your home and garden for upcycling inspiration too.

Logs or upturned crates for seats? Painted tin cans for cutlery holders? Fabrics for bunting and ad hoc throws?

If you can imagine it, try it!

wheelbarrow-as-a-cooler (1)



Food & Drink

The festival feeling’s relaxed. And that means you should be too. So don’t stress over a BBQ if it’s not your thing, lay on something simple instead.

Jars are still on trend and super handy. Salads, pasta, even desserts… all can be layered up in advance and left out for people to pick up as and when (without worrying about hungry little bugs).

You can also serve drinks in jars, accessorized in your unique style, of course. Cheers!



Lights on

And when we say ‘on’, we mean on trees… on poles… on anything you can. We just love string lights for when the sun goes down.

Hung on fences, or even wrapped around tree trunks.

Candles can create that gorgeously easy-going, outdoorsy mood too – pick up citronella ones to keep those pesky bugs at bay.



Den-building for grown-ups

Channel your inner explorer and create your own tents. With plenty of fabric and a little imagination you can create some cute little festival areas (starting with your very own VIP tent).

Avoid a mudfest by putting down throws and rugs. No one will care, if they even notice, that’s actually your gorgeous duvet cover masquerading as a mat.

Then grab every cushion off the sofa for seating more stylish and comfortable than any festival you’ve ever been to.




Your festival playlist

Of course, one of the best things about your festival is that you control the playlist. All your favourite bands, with none of those weird second album tracks no one really wants to hear.

Make sure your more musical friends bring a guitar too. You can guarantee someone will pick it up towards the end of the night and start an impromptu acoustic sing-a-long.

Tra la la…


And there’s just one more thing to think about.

What to call your festival.

Simple. Add ‘Fest’ to the end of your own name and you’re all set for a legendary event. One that’ll go down in festival folklore (at least with all your friends and family).



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