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Have a frightfully stylish Halloween

Some call it Halloween, we call it an excuse for a party. But forget the glow-in-the-dark skeletons, plastic broomsticks and lurid décor. Our guide to Halloween parties will show they’re no longer just for kids.

The trick (or treat!) to avoiding tacky, is to choose a theme and stick with it. You could go 19th Century gothic – stock up on candelabra, tight fitting black bodices and crushed velvet. Or take an up-to-date and less dusty trip into glam vampire flicks and fiction. A Halloween trend we love right now takes colourful inspiration from the Mexican Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.

Whatever style gets your blood curdling, take a look at our eerie ideas for the perfect fright night party.

Pimped up pumpkins

3068870_1   WR71151_1083595

Glitter pumpkin stacker                                    DIY Day of the Dead pumpkins

ebc628b04acac734117eb0f707218857   Modern-Painted-Pumpkins

Source: Pinterest                                   Source: Design Dining and Diapers

Throw out the candles and carving kits – pumpkins have a whole new look. If you want to decorate them, trying getting creative with paint. Applying the Day of the Dead theme makes your pumpkins really sparkle. But a clever, simple design is spookily impactful too.

artificial-flower-for-home-decor-pumpkin-fall-decor-fall-porch-decorating-pumpkin-decorating-idea-900x1200-615x820   Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 17.16.14

Source: Town and Country                         Source: Town and Country

Or keep your pumpkins plain. They come in a wonderful array of shapes, sizes and colours. So create stylish au-naturel displays or turn mini pumpkins into candle and lollipop holders that scream Halloween in an off-beat way.

Devilish décor

Halloween hits the UK when the clocks have changed and the dark nights have descended. So enough of the blackness, we love the vibrant colour fest influence of Dia de Muertos.


Source: Rock N Roll Bride


Source: Wills Family


Source: Etsy

There are loads of cute accessories around to give your home the Mexico effect. And you get to go crepe paper crazy, with flowers, flags and bunting in brilliant bright shades. Just don’t forget to set it all off against black and white skulls and bones to give it a layer of seasonal creepiness.

Monochrome madness

Source: Today


Source: Craftberry Bush

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.00.12

Source: Town and Country

If you prefer a more traditional Halloween theme but want it to keep it chic, simplicity is key. Tone down the colours, picking black and white with an accent of orange or gold. And choose delicate decs to provide key eye-catching features (rather than the usual heaps of cheap plastic).

Gothic glam

If an intricate, super spooky theme is your Halloween thang, then gothic glam is your fearsome friend. Scour second-hand shops and antique fairs for authentic candelabra, goblets, picture frames and the like. Layer up the table cloth and décor – an abundance of decadence is what you’re aiming for!

37-Halloween-Decoration-Ideas-Halloween-ideas-Halloween-house   Halloween-gothic-glam-party

Source: Home Inspirations                 Source: Celebrations At Home


Source: Nano Buffet

Make up

So now the house looks like its haunted (by the spirit of a fabulous fashionista)… how about you?


Source: Seth Dubois Photography


Source: Seth Dubois Photography

halloween-makeup-ideas-11   halloween-makeup-ideas-46

Source: Kick Vick                                        Source: Kick Vick

Will you go dark and brooding or freakishly vivid? You could take it classy or go all out creepy. That’s got to be the best thing about how Halloween’s moved on – it’s about creating the look you want. So don’t be restricted. Let your imagination go places – and not only to dark and creepy places!

Happy Halloween!

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