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Cats on Sofas – The Best of the Internet

If there’s one thing everyone on the internet can agree on, it’s that cats are hilarious. There’s something inherently dignified about a cat, and seeing them lose their cool in cute or funny ways is simply irresistible to us. So, because we love sofas, and, of course, cats, here are some great combinations of cats and sofas, courtesy of the internet.

It’s not just humans who hate Mondays. Image credit.

Well, how else do you expect a cat to get comfy? As cats on sofas go, this kitty is well and truly owning it. Image credit.

It’s not a love seat. It’s a sitting chair, with extended cleaning and scratching room. Image credit.

On an evening when there is a TV schedule clash between a football match and the next episode of Downton Abbey, you’ve got to prepare for a television remote battle early. Image credit.

“No, you may not sit down until you pay the toll. The toll is five belly rubs”. Image credit.

She may be small, but this kitten will guard her sofa with the might of a tiger! Image credit.

Haven’t we all had one of these days? When you forget how to sit down and enjoy Antiques Roadshow? Image credit.

You’ll stoop to any level when you’ve got a serious catnip addiction. Image credit.

“Yes, I am perfectly comfortable. Why do you ask?” Image credit.

Little did you know that your sofa cushions were the perfect place for your cat to practise their yoga exercises. Image credit.

This sleeping position is excellent for those who suffer recurrent neck problems. If you have a stiff neck from sitting at a computer all day, try sleeping like this cat – it’s exactly as comfortable as it looks. Image credit.

This littlest fan of the Vampire Diaries is practising how to perfectly rise up from a coffin… Image credit.

… while this True Blood fan has taken sympathising with vampires a bit too far. Image credit.

“I know how this looks, but it was the dog. Honest.” Image credit.

Spot the real one. Image credit.

And finally… Image credit.

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