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7 Weird Things Found Down the Back of Sofas

It’s all too easy to lose things down the back of your sofa. TV remotes are always disappearing, although perhaps the most common thing is money – an estimated £40 million has been lost in Britain alone. But sometimes, just sometimes, we find much more unusual things lurking beneath the cushions…

1. Wispa Bar

You might think nothing of it now, but in 2008 it was a pretty big deal to find a Wispa bar hidden in the sofa. At the time the popular chocolate bar had been discontinued since 2003, so when Rebecca Wells found it, she knew better than to eat it. What do you do when you find something rare? Put it on eBay of course! Bids for the chocolate bar reached more than £200. The Wispa returned later that year after an Internet campaign.

2. Thousands of Dollars

We all lose the odd bit of loose change down the sofa but very rarely does a single sofa offer up anything near $2,500. Nevertheless, this is exactly the amount of lost money found by dental clinic office manager Laura Ackley in Alvin, Texas. The money had previously gone missing from one of the offices and was believed to have been stolen, but a quick tidy up revealed a bank bag under one of the sofa cushions in the lobby.

3. Cat

When Vickie Mendenhall bought a second-hand sofa for $27 in Spokane, Washington she noticed a mysterious mewing sound in her house after bringing it home. Eventually her boyfriend investigated when he felt something move inside the sofa, only to find a rather unfortunate cat trapped inside. The sofa came from a charity shop, which was unable to locate the original owner. Luckily the cat was reunited with its clearly insane owner when he saw a TV story about it.

Buy a sofa. Get a free cat.

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4. Python

A similar but more surreal incident occurred in January this year when Michigan resident Holly Wright acquired a second-hand sofa from Craigslist. Arriving home she cleaned the couch, noticed nothing out of place and enjoyed it in blissful ignorance for several months. That is, until she saw a starving snake slither out of it. Unfortunately she was too late to help the poor animal and it passed away. She got rid of the sofa.

5. Lost Michelangelo Painting

Not strictly lost inside a sofa, an old painting stashed behind Martin Kober’s sofa for thirty years turned out to be a little more historically significant than he originally believed. Taken down in the 1970s after a stray tennis ball hit it (no, I don’t know what they were doing), recent tests indicate that it may indeed be a lost work by none other than Michelangelo, boosting its value to around $300 million.

6. Medieval Well

Ok, so this wasn’t found inside the sofa either but it would explain where all those lost keys and coins go. A retired couple in Plymouth were sick of the dip in the floor under their sofa and decided to do something about it. It turned out to be a little bigger than a simple dip – there was a 33-foot medieval well hidden right under them and after a little digging they even managed to find an old sword. The well is now covered with a clear glass trapdoor.

7. Dead Body

When Alan Derrick invited his friend Dennis Pring to live with him ‘unofficially’, he knew he would need to keep this unauthorised tenant a secret in order to avoid the risk of being evicted. This became more complicated when Pring passed away sometime in 1998 – but Derrick had a solution. He hid Pring’s body under the sofa and it stayed there for a good ten years before it was discovered. Derrick wasn’t evicted though, he had left the flat long before the body was found.

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