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8 Things Every Twentysomething Should Have In Their First Home

The days of house sharing are over – no more locks on your bedroom door, sticking pictures to walls with blu-tack, or writing your name on your box of corn flakes. You have a ‘real’ job now and a hard-earned place of your own, so it’s time to do it justice. Here are a few things any self-respecting twentysomething should have in their first home.

A Good Quality Sofa

Grande Dame

A sofa is one of the most important items of furniture you’ll ever buy – you’ll have it for years to come, and for that reason you should never skimp on quality. When buying a sofa, take into consideration your tastes, lifestyle, and the decor in your living room, but also how it might fit into any future home. If your first home is only a one bedroom, consider buying a sofa bed to accommodate any guests who might drop by.

A Grown-Up Bed

Image credit

Another item of furniture that will need to be able to stand the test of time is your bed. Pick a high quality bed frame and mattress, and opt for one in queen size (if space allows) for a grander, truly adult feel to your bedroom.

A Stylish Coffee Table

MY DIY | Wood Slab Coffee table:

Image credit

No living room is complete without a coffee table. Being that its purpose is both practical and aesthetic, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this category of furniture, so choose one that’s thoroughly chic in its design as well as useful to you in your day-to-day living.

An Eye-Catching Area Rug

Graphic azilal rug, from Baba Souk:

Image credit

A colourfully patterned rug will instantly lift an otherwise drab space, making it an essential item to have in your home. Rugs can make a room appear larger, give it a finished appearance, and are extremely versatile – they can be moved from room to room, or taken out and put away with the changing seasons.

House Plants

house plants, succulents, cactus and indoor gardens | potted plants and botanical design for the indoor garden:

Image credit

A home filled with thriving plant life will do wonders for your ‘look, I’m a responsible adult’ image. No matter the style of your interiors, they add an essential beauty and life to a space, and give it a permanency and affection that is often lacking in homes without any plants.

A Bookcase


Image credit

With a bookcase in your home, you’ll have the ideal place to show off aspects of your life and your interests. Display the books you’ve read, pictures of places you’ve been, and those weird and wonderful curios you’ve pick up along the way.


The Crisp Street Apartment was designed by Mim Design and the living room’s neutral, modern decor is topped off with a beautiful, abstract painting in both bold and muted colors.:

Image credit

There’ll be no more sticking posters to walls now that you have your own home. Instead, give your interiors a sense of refinement by hanging real art. Don’t worry about it having to be a one-off piece from a gallery though, a print or recreation will look just as good as long as it integrates well with the rest of the decor in a space.

A Set of Wine Glasses

wine glasses

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No more drinking cheap wine out of plastic cups – as much fun as that was when you were nineteen. It’s time to become a bit more sophisticated. You have a kitchen, with a table and chairs in it, and when your friends pop round for dinner they’re going to want to drink the wine they brought with them from an actual wine glass.

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