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Viva la velvet – furnishing with fabrics from the catwalk

We’ve always had a soft spot for velvet. But now it’s officially ‘back’, thanks to its appearances in recent shows.

Prada, Valentino and others gifted us glamorous velvet dresses, there were exquisite boots from Ellery, and Armani brought coats, jackets and even velvet suits to menswear.

Untitled1 Untitled2 Untitled3

Source: The Glass Magazine               Source: Oracle Fox                      Source: WGSN

There’s a beautifully luxurious quality to velvet. Partly thanks to the fact it was used by nobles and clergy for ceremonial robes (and to show off their wealth as it cost a pretty penny to make back then!) Now we’ve many more options and choices, from stretch velvets to silk velvetines. But it’s all still velvet – created by weaving two thicknesses of the fabric at the same time then cutting to create that distinctive short, dense, smooth pile.

Of course, now’s the time of year that velvet just ‘feels’ right. We crave the warmth and comfort this inviting fabric offers. And the festive season has us harking back to the nostalgia of the traditional too.

Velvet is a classic fabric. It’s why it’s one of the favourites on our chairs and sofas (we’ve been asked for dusky pink velvets a lot recently). And it’s timeless – just as well when we build our sofas to last for years and years.

But if you want your velvet to take on a modern edge, a great trick’s to choose a bold colour or contemporary styled sofa. Colour’s an instant update and makes your sofa a striking feature in the room, especially when it’s set on a neutral, natural backdrop. This is a fabric that works on almost any style of sofa, and remember you can get different styles of velvet too. Our Lady Victoria here is boasting a crushed velvet finish, giving it a mottled finish and a distinctive touch.


Lady May sofa


Lady Victoria sofa


Eden sofa


The Hunter sofa

It’s also a great fabric to use as an accent. In fashion, it may be the addition of a bag or tailoring with modest velvet elements, such as lapels.

Untitled10 Untitled9

Source: Vogue                                  Source: Nalin Amsterdam

In your home, you could add a single velvet chair or use this luxurious fabric to accessorise. Velvet cushions or footstools are an easy way to give a subtle nod to the trend. They’re also really effective at building a layered look in your room as the texture’s so unique.


The Hunter

Untitled11 \



Ives chair

It’s the way the light plays on velvet that gives it depth and allure. And it’s why velvet looks particularly lovely across curves. A single colour never looks flat as the light adds a spectrum of hues as it hits the fabric.

So if you’re after an enduring style that ticks the on-trend box too, take a fresh look at velvet. There are so many different looks and colours out there (and right here!) And you know we’d love to help you find the one that rocks your sofa.

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