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A Hygge Hideaway

If you’ve had a hectic 2017, it’s important to use the Christmas period as a time to relax and recharge. Hygge was huge this year, and Amara’s Christmas ‘Hideaway’ trend has its roots in the ever-popular Scandi culture, whilst incorporating botanicals and a neutral colour palette.

So get cosy, and get ready to learn about how to transform your home into a haven of festive tranquillity.

Accessorise our Aalto sofa with lots of fleecy blankets, and get ready to settle down with a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s evening!


A lush, forest green Christmas tree is key for this trend. Embellish it with relaxing, warm lighting and shimmering silver decorations to capture this minimalist, alpine trend.

Amara’s Korean Spruce Christmas Tree mimics the look, structure and texture of a real tree without the hassle of real pine needles littering the floor!


Another way to bring the outdoors in is to accessorise your room with leafy garlands and wreaths.

The A by Amara collection contains some amazing wreaths, some of our favourites that encapsulate the Hideaway trend are their Frosted Finley, and the Flock Pine (pictured below), that look amazing inside, as well as outside.

wreathMinimalism is key for capturing the Hideaway trend. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t scope for decoration. The key is to stick to a natural colour palette with earthy tones, use wooden and wicker accessories brightened up with lighting, and frosted decorations to create your very own relaxing alpine wonderland.

Complete the look with lots of candles and comfy cushions, and tag @sofaworkshop on Instagram to show us your very own Hygge Hideaways!




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