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Sofa Sale
Sofa Sale
  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    I love the variety and expertise offered by Sofa Workshop. Offering a great range of sofa styles, shades and sizes, all handmade in the UK. It is THE sofa destination store. 

    Sara Bird, Deputy Editor, Country Homes & Interiors

  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    Sofa workshop passes one particular test with flying colours; it makes sofas that don't just look great but are also so comfortable, you feel like having a sneaky snooze. 

    Giles Kime, Deputy Editor, Homes & Gardens

  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    The Little Lady sofa loose slipcover is SUCH a good idea – brilliant for those who want to change styles but not sofas. 

    Linda Parker, Freelance Writer

  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    I have been so impressed with the service that I am recommending the Sofa Workshop to all my friends. The furniture is lovely too! 

    Mrs Williamson, Kingston

  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    Sofa Workshop has a great selection of contemporary designs and offers an extensive range of fabrics to choose from. 

    Charlotte Luxford, Features Assistant, Grand Designs

  • What you say about Sofa Workshop

    We would definitely recommend your company to friends and it was in fact through a recommendation that we visited your showroom. 

    Mr Hopkins, Kent