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Precious tones: Rocking the jewel colour trend

When the world seems full of uncertainty, our home becomes a place where we want a little more luxury. A desire for opulence has inspired the upcoming trend for jewel-inspired colours. But luxury doesn’t mean spending a fortune. There’s a … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Walks

After all the excitement of Christmas, there’s nothing like the peace and quiet of a country walk on Boxing Day. Whether it’s a tradition in your house or you’re thinking about making it one, we’ve found a few walks to … Continue reading

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Have a frightfully stylish Halloween

Some call it Halloween, we call it an excuse for a party. But forget the glow-in-the-dark skeletons, plastic broomsticks and lurid décor. Our guide to Halloween parties will show they’re no longer just for kids. The trick (or treat!) to … Continue reading

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English Wines: A Glass Half Full?

English wine. Two words many used to think didn’t go together. But with English fizz becoming recognised around the world, maybe it’s time to take another look – or at least another sip. So we got in touch with our … Continue reading

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HomeFest: How to Throw your Own Garden Festival

It’s festival season! But forget the 4 hour traffic jams, warm beers and waiting around for your fave bands. Get your creative groove on for HomeFest. It’s the best festival ever, and it’s happening at your house! Pick a date. Invite some VIPs (a.k.a. your friends). … Continue reading

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8 Things Every Twentysomething Should Have In Their First Home

The days of house sharing are over – no more locks on your bedroom door, sticking pictures to walls with blu-tack, or writing your name on your box of corn flakes. You have a ‘real’ job now and a hard-earned … Continue reading

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Exploring the Depths of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is synonymous with both London and England – so synonymous, in fact, that we cannot imagine a London without it. Buckingham Palace is now very much a part of English history, and has been at the centre of … Continue reading

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10 Christmas Foods We Really Can’t Live Without

Christmas comes but once a year, and there’s so much to look forward to – great telly, Christmas tunes, plenty of glitter, and, of course, stomach-bursting amounts of utterly delicious food. So empty your cupboards, tuck your napkin under your … Continue reading

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Sofa Workshop’s Last-Minute Christmas Checklist

You’ve sent the cards, bought the presents, ordered the turkey, but as Christmas day approaches there’s always that nagging feeling that you’ve overlooked something. Well, to help you reduce those chances, we’ve put together a last-minute Christmas checklist. Sellotape Sellotape … Continue reading

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Colour Your Imagination With the Sofa Workshop Colouring Competition

Think colouring is just a fun activity to keep the kids occupied? Think again. These days it’s very much for adults too. Grown up colouring books are all the rage, and their growing popularity in the UK gave us an … Continue reading

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