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Author Archives: Teresa Trivunovic

Bring on the botanicals

Ah, the British Summer Time… cold wind, unpredictable showers and yet we persist in attempting to BBQ at every opportunity. But although we’re almost painfully aware that the sunny skies and summer dress weather is eluding is, we refuse to … Continue reading

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How smart is your home?

Do you think nothing of turning on your heating via your phone when you’re on the way back home, or rely on voice-control tech to remind you what’s on your weekly food shop? Whilst some of us may be bigger … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Raw Surfaces

Is it just us, or does it feel like marble has been ‘having a moment’ for a really long time now? Whether you’re still enjoying the Insta-favourite surface or not, marble has paved the way (we know!) for other stone-inspired, … Continue reading

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Small on space, big on style

Small space living is becoming a necessity for more and more of us, with housing market demands and city crowding leading to us choosing compact and bijou studio apartments and small cottages rather than houses with acres of land. But … Continue reading

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Embrace Zen Clarity this Spring

Move over Scandinavia, the Orient is our new destination inspiration as once again, it’s all about your home (and you, hopefully!) becoming Zen in 2017. The principle of Zen was founded in China around 1,500 years ago and quickly spread … Continue reading

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Take me to Morocco

The colourful and sun-soaked country of Morocco has long been a classic source of interior design inspiration – as well as a super stylish holiday destination! So, whilst we’re still waiting for summer to officially arrive, we’ve found some Arabian-inspired … Continue reading

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Bring a little sparkle to everyday

We’re so happy that metallics are here to stay. A touch of glitter appeals to our magpie-like eye for sparkle. The latest metallic look is more subtle tones than glitzy glamour. It’s out with blocks of stainless steel and brushed … Continue reading

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Say it with flowers

We’re digging florals this year. Because the English country garden has had a makeover. It’s not about nanas and knitting (two things we adore, by the way). It’s all dusky prints and daring to be different. If you kept an … Continue reading

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Think Pink!

Ah, pink. The colour of health, youth and – until the 1920’s – men. Pink’s feminine and romantic colour connotations have blossomed over recent decades, and today, from pastel hair to clothes, pink reigns supreme in 2017. We’ve found loads … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

They say the UK is a nation of animal lovers. Well, we certainly are. But forget cats and dogs, this year we’re going exotic. We’ve seen designers from Marc Jacobs to Dries van Noten work tropical trends on the interiors-inspiring … Continue reading

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